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Complete! Hero Julian Mobile Legends Guide

Hero Julian is the newest type of role mage/fighter in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the fourth hero in the Forsaken Light series.

He is the most difficult hero to master in the EXP lane, because of his very unique skill set. He doesn't have an ultimate ability, and you can level up all three skills from the start.

Each skill also has an enhanced version that can be used after activating any two skills. In addition, he has many skill combos, each with its own advantages during team fights.

To master Julian, you need quick thinking and lots of practice.

The good news is that here you will find the learning process a little easier, with the recommended emblems, spells, and best builds for heroes in this beginner's guide.

Complete guide on how to play Julian in Mobile Legends:

Recommended Battle Spell

Battle Spell Hero Julian

Flicker is the optimal choice in the EXP lane, considering it has lower defensive stats compared to other EXP lane heroes.

This battle spell also helps him manage the game because Julian must focus on killing the enemy's backline first.

Execute is also another option if you really want to play aggressively and dominate the lane after reaching level three.

However, you should only get this if the enemy team has few or no crowd control heroes.

Recommended emblem set

Set Emblem Julian

All of Julian's damage scales with magic, so going to the magic emblem tree is the way to go.

Magic Worship is best suited for Scarlet Raven as it is a game-changer in team fights.

Plus, it would be easy to activate it with Julian because he could chain his skills quickly.

The best build for Julian in Mobile Legends

Prioritizing cooldown reduction and magic damage is very important to find success on heroes.

Building defense items will also help him as his main weakness in team battles is his ability to defend.

Items that buff his basic attacks, such as the Calamity Reaper and Feather of Heaven, are also recommended as they stack up with his Smith's Legacy passive.

Finally, there is no need to build a lot of spell vamp equipment on him because his passive already allows him to get an additional 25% magic lifesteal (up to three times) every time he hits an enemy hero with his skills.

Best combo for Julian

Once you reach level three, you can spam Sword, Chain, and Enhanced Scythe to deal a lot of damage in the laning phase.

It's also a great combo for securing kills mid to late in the game.

If you're outnumbered, using Chain, Scythe, and Enhanced Sword will allow you to dodge skills and move closer to or away from enemies without taking damage.

Combo Julian:

Damage: Skill 2, Skill 3 dan Skill 1

CC: Skill 2, Skill 1 and Skill 3

Blink: Skill 1, Skill 3 and Skill 2a

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