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Complete Guide to Playing Astral Guardians

Until now, games MMORPG genre is still a favorite of players. One of games An interesting MMORPG to play is Astral Guardians. Featuring a classic PVP experience and a variety of Dungeons make games this has its own fun.

Not only that, the use of bright colors in the graphic display plus quality sound effects are also other advantages of the game Astral Guardians. Uniquely again, mobile games it features anime styled characters.

Broadly speaking, players have a mission to save a kingdom that is on the verge of collapse. Later, you will play the role of a hero in charge of destroying all the enemies of the kingdom.

For more detailed information about Astral Guardiansdo not miss the following article.

Astral Guardians Review

astral guardians review

Appearing with a refreshing design, this game can be downloaded via Google Play and the App Store. Overall, Astral Guardians: Cyber ​​Fantasy managed to get rating both of the players.

If you look at the detailed information on Google Play, this game has received 4.5 stars. In addition, the total reviewit has reached 45 thousand with more than 1 million downloads.

As explained in the opening paragraph, Astral Guardians: Cyber ​​Fantasy has a great mix of graphics, sound effects, and features. Dungeon options also vary, namely:

Solo Dungeon

Just like his name, player does not require a team to be able to enter this game area. You can be solo player and access the two existing Dungeon options, such as the Coin Dungeon and the Partner Dungeon.

The two types of Dungeons can only be accessed twice a day. If you want to enter freely, you have to be member VIP first. Players who successfully conquer the Coin Dungeon will get a large amount of coins as rewardshis.

Meanwhile, Dungeon Partners will provide rewards in the form of items that you can use for upgrade partner and equipment partners.

Team Dungeon

The second Dungeon choice is Team. Although there is the word team in the name, the fact is that players can also be solo player in this area. However, if you are part of a team with a maximum of three people, rewards will be bigger and more profitable.

Please use the Auto Matching feature if you want to get team members automatically. Just like the Solo Dungeon, the Team Dungeon will also be further divided into four types of Dungeons, namely:

  • Dungeon Equip: if you want to get additional CP quickly, you can enter the Dungeon Equip. To get the reward, you just need to destroy all the monsters and bosses as fast as possible. This dungeon can be accessed three times per day.
  • Dungeon Couple: This dungeon is unique. You only need to bring a partner to do the wedding. As a reward, players will get roses and entry-level crystals.
  • Dungeon EXP: unlocked twice a day, playing in this area can make players level up quickly. The mission of the game is to defeat as many Phantom Wolf monsters as possible.
  • Temple Guardian: your task here is to protect the crystal from monster attacks that come from various paths. The type of gift depends on rating and your ability to survive within a certain time limit.

Soulbed Dungeon

Players who enter the Soulbed Dungeon have the opportunity to increase their CP. Instead, players must defeat various monsters that get stronger as time goes on. The advantage, Dungeon Soulbed can be accessed at any time by players.

Baby Dungeon

The final Dungeon of choice is the Baby Dungeon. The gifts you get from this area can be used to increase Baby’s CP. Once strong enough, you can invite Baby to fight together on the battlefield.

Tips for Playing Astral Guardians

astral guardians gameplay

Already know how to play tricks games Astral Guardians? If you haven’t followed the guide below, come on!

1. Get to know Job which is available

The first step is to know job that existed before selecting it at the start of the game. There are three in total job or class, namely Berserker, Lancer, and Gunner. The three jobs, of course, each have advantages and disadvantages.

Broadly speaking, Lancer’s advantage lies in stat balanced, while Gunner has a very good ability to attack. For Berserkers, job It is known to have good survivability.

2. Understand Astral Guardians Game Features

After selecting the type job that will be played, the next tip is to find out what are the features gameshis. Some of the available features include:

  • Mount and Wing: You can use Wing to upgrade stat and CP, while Mount is used for mounts, increasing walking speed, and increasing CP.
  • Gear, Heart and Title: use this feature to add stat and CP
  • partners: a playmate who will help you against the enemy
  • Wedding: this feature allows two players to get married to get prizes.
  • Fashion: You can use this feature to beautify the appearance of the character used.
  • Voice Chat: means of communication between players

3. Learn How To Do Top-up

Before playing, make sure you have done diamond top-up Astral Guardians. One of the platforms that provides purchasing services diamonds is UniPin. The transaction process is also fairly easy, only three steps, namely entering the user ID and Zone ID, selecting the nominal diamondsand make the payment.

4. Here’s How To Quickly Do It Leveling

The higher the level you unlock, the more features you can use. So that the level can rise quickly, the way is to finish all quest and use the auto combat feature, play in EXP Dungeons, and take advantage of EXP potion items.

That’s a complete guide how to play Astral Guardians that you can practice. Seeing the appearance of existing characters, games this one is perfect for those of you who like anime. So that you can start the game, don’t forget to do it top up first here.

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