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Comparison of PUBG Mini 14 with Other Weapons, Which is Better?

Mini 14 is one of the types of weapons that can be used by players in the game video games PUBG. The PUBG Mini 14 is a light semi automatic rifle which is a simplified version of the M14. In the real world, this weapon is popularly used by law enforcement, security officers, hunters, and target shooters.

Pros and Cons of Mini 14 . Guns

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The bullet used by the Mini 14 gun is 5.56mm. Meanwhile, the PUBG mini 14 locations are Miramar, Vikendi, and Erangel. Players who use Mini 14 can inflict 46 damage on enemies. Rate of fireis 0.1s. Meanwhile, the bullet speed reaches 990 m/s.

Duration reload weapons reach 3.6s. For a shooting range, this weapon can shoot enemies at a maximum distance of 400 m. However, the recommended average distance for players when using this weapon is between 51 – 100 meters. At close range, the Mini 14 is considered less effective.

This weapon which is also classified as a sniper rifle produces less damage than weapons of the same class. However, this deficiency can be overcome by adding attachmentseven if only for muzzle, magazineand sight mods.

Another drawback of the Mini 14 is its scarce availability. You can’t find it at all folder. In fact, in folder those mentioned are only available in small quantities. In general, weapons that fall into the DMR category have the same characteristics.

Another advantage of the Mini 14 is that it is easy to control. The form is simple without much attachments makes the weight of the weapon is also light. Not only that, you won’t have any problems with recoil when using this weapon. Thus, the shots taken have good accuracy.

The type of bullet is also an advantageous part of the Mini 14. Because the bullets used are 5.56mm, you will be more efficient and efficient when fighting. Especially if you get extra magazine through attachments.

PUBG Mini 14 Comparison with Other Weapons

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Well, to further ensure the advantages of the Mini 14, you can compare it with other weapons in PUBG. Here’s the review:

1. Mini 14 and SLR

Being in the same class, that is Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), one of the weapons that can be compared with the Mini 14 is the SLR. These two weapons have a level rate of fire the same, i.e. 0.1s. Duration reload only a fraction of a second apart.

However, the SLR is superior to the Mini 14 in terms of damage generated and body hit impact. On the other hand, the advantage of the Mini 14 lies in the bullet speed which reaches 990 m/s. Overall, the SLR is considered superior to the Mini 14.

2. Mini 14 and Mk14

Still in the same class, there is Mk14. Overall, the Mk14 is far superior to the Mini 14. The Mini 14 weapon can only be relied on in terms of bullet speed which is not much different from the Mk14. Meanwhile, in terms of other factors, players will benefit more when using Mk14.

3. Mini 14 and VSS

When compared to VSS, Mini 14 is still less superior. Rate of fire Mini 14 0.1s, while VSS 0.086s. Likewise, in terms of reload duration, VSS is faster at 2.9s, while Mini 14 is 3.6s. However, the Mini 14 is slightly superior in terms of damage. The Mini 14’s shooting range is also further than the VSS.

4. Mini 14 and SKS

You can also compare Mini 14 with SKS. Rate of fire for these two weapons it turns out to be the same, which is 0.1s. Like several other DMR weapons, the SKS also tends to be superior to the Mini 14, both in terms of damage, rangebullet speed, up to body hit impact.

The Best Way to Use Mini 14

mini 14 best attachments

Looking at the comparison with other weapons, the PUBG Mini 14 is not so superior. However, there is no need to be pessimistic if you can only use this weapon in the game. You can work around this by doing the following tips.

1. Use in long-range combat

You can kill enemies at a distance by using Mini 14. As a DMR, this weapon is intended to hunt targets that are far away. Based on the specifications, the ability damage Mini 14 will be optimal when fired at a distance of 50 – 200 meters. That way, you don’t need to be close to the enemy.

2. Choose the right attachment

The key in using Mini 14 PUBG is on attachments The selected. The three slots available on this weapon are muzzle, magazine and scope. Muzzles the most suitable is compensator or flash hider. Meanwhile, you can add extended quick draw on the weapon so that the ammo increases to 30.

Mini 14 PUBG best attachments other is scope. This tool will allow you to see from a distance and shoot targets more accurately. Attachments the most ideal is 6x scope. If more than that, the stability is difficult to control.

3. Use it when you are a beginner

Weapons that have damage large will not have the maximum impact if you can’t use it well. Therefore, you must be smart in choosing a weapon that is easy to control, for example the Mini 14. One of the contributing factors is because recoil This weapon is very low. So, you can shoot the target easily.

4. Combine with the right weapon

Towards the end of the game, players can usually use two weapons at once. Well, you can combine Mini 14 with other weapons that can be used for melee and produce damage the big one. Thus, the enemy will be exterminated quickly.

So, here’s a quick review of the Mini 14 PUBG that you need to know before using it. Even though it doesn’t look superior, you can increase your performance by attachments right. For that, do top up PUBG credits through UniPin first. Using practical payment methods, you can complete transactions easily.

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