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Comparing the 3 Best Free Fire Assault Rifles: M4A1, Scar, and XM8

Lots gamer who wields a weapon of type assault rifle while playing Free Fire. Plus, you can find a choice of weapons assault rifle in various forms in games this. Of the many options, there are three assault rifles that are particularly interesting to explore in more detail. The three weapons are M4A1, Scar, and XM8.

As usual assault rifle, the three rifles have a very flexible way of use. Its use is quite good when used in close and mid-range combat. In addition, you can also use XM8, Scar, or M4A1 weapons when engaging in long-range shooting. However, what is the difference between the three long-barreled rifles?

In order to make the most of it, you need to know the characteristics of each weapon. This article will help you to know more about the three reliable AR weapons in Free Fire, namely M4A1, Scar, and XM8. If you often use one of these three long-barreled rifles, be sure to listen to this article to the end, OK?

Characteristics of M4A1

weapon m4a1

When you compare the M4A1 Free Fire with the Scar and XM8, you will find that this rifle has a longer range. The M4A1 has a shooting range of 77, which makes it suitable for use if you want to target enemies from a distance. As a complement, you can pair scope which is useful to increase the accuracy of the shot.

The M4A1 weapon in Free Fire is included as a rifle that is preferred by beginners. How to use it is relatively easy, with a high level of accuracy and firing rate quite high—54 and 56 respectively. In addition, the M4A1 also has speed reload which is quite good, 48. With such characteristics, this long-barreled rifle is very suitable for strategy run and gun as well as rush in.

You can combine the use of M4A1 with five types attachments. Usage scope useful if you want to target the enemy from a distance. Silencer will allow you to carry out ambushes more effectively. Don’t miss it, use magazine extras are also worth considering. Its use is useful for increasing the bullet capacity so that it is not limited to only 30 grains.

To maximize the use of M4A1 weapons, you can choose the Hayato character. By using Hayato, you will get benefits in the form of armor penetration. Skills You can use this to the maximum because this long-barreled rifle has a combination of shooting range and a high level of accuracy.

Characteristics of Scar

scar weapon in free fire

After knowing the characteristics of the M4A1 Free Fire weapon, you can compare it with Scar. This weapon has no less popularity when compared to the M4A1. There are two main advantages that make Scar often become the mainstay of the paratroopers gamer FF, namely the ability to shoot quickly and damage big. The combination of the two will allow you to briefly paralyze the enemy.

Scar’s characteristics make it the right choice of weapon when you have a blind style of play. You can strafe the enemy with as many bullets as possible. Plus, Scar is an AR weapon that has timing reload fast enough. In fact, speed reloadit is higher than the M4A1 and XM8 weapons.

Advantages in the form of damage Big and rate of fire height doesn’t make Scar a perfect weapon. There are weaknesses that are quite vulnerable and you should be aware of when using this long-barreled rifle. The weakness is the sound is noisy and wasteful of bullets. If you don’t anticipate it properly, your position will be easily detected by the enemy.

Furthermore, the ability to shoot quickly also makes Scar a weapon that wastes ammunition. In addition, this AR weapon is not suitable when used in long-range combat. You can take advantage of its best performance when used in close and medium range combat. To anticipate the weakness, use attachments extra magazine as well as silencer.

Meanwhile, the choice of suitable characters for Scar is quite varied. At least, there are four characters that you can choose when using the Scar weapon, namely:

  • Laura: The ability to shoot with high accuracy will help you use Scar better. Only, you need to install attachments scope 2x or 3x so that the ability can be utilized optimally.
  • Rafael: Scar’s weakness with his noise can be minimized if you use Rafael. This character is famous for his reputation as a silent killer. Its ability can muffle the sound of gunfire so you can aim at the enemy freely.
  • Wolfrahh: This character is famous for being able to use various types of weapons very well. When using Scar, you can maximize damage received by the opponent.
  • Kelly Awakening: The ability to run very fast is the main weapon of Kelly Awakening. You can take advantage of these advantages by shooting Scar while continuing to run.

XM8 Karakteristik Characteristics

xm8 free fire weapon

Next, you can compare the M4A1 weapon in Free Fire with the XM8. The XM8 AR rifle has the advantage of stability. This weapon has reliable performance in medium-range combat. In addition, the XM8 is also equipped with scope 2x. You can take advantage of scope to help target the enemy accurately.

XM8’s ability to paralyze enemies is also commendable. Damage XM8 weapons are bigger when compared to Scar or M4A1 weapons. Besides, the shooting speed is quite good with time reload fast. For information, XM8 has an accuracy rate of 58, reload time 48, and rate of fire reaches 60. These specifications make the XM8 famous as a weapon early game powerful.

You can maximize the use of XM8 by choosing two suitable characters. The two characters are:

  • Laura: The ability to aim accurately allows Laura to maximize her use scope
  • Andrew: Andrew has the advantage in defense, so it’s a good choice if you want to use XM8. You can maximize this ability by playing aggressively.

From this explanation, you can see that the MA41, Scar, and XM8 have their own characteristics. In the right way, you can maximize each weapon and look fierce in FF.

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