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Come on, get to know the character of Jota FF and the skills it has

Free Fire is one of the games Battle Royale which is quite popular to date. Games which can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices, has been played by more than 100 million daily active players around the world. In Indonesia, Free Fire also has many fans.

Well, one of the characters in Free Fire that was released on global servers in March 2022 is Jota. Character Jota FF inspired by the famous Indonesian actor, namely Joe Taslim. Is a character in-game The first to come from Indonesia, Jota is very popular and is hunted by many Survivors.

Especially for Survivors from Indonesia, Jota is given for free just by participating in a mission that takes place shortly after its release. However, for those who did not have time to take part in the mission, this character can be obtained by exchanging 2750 diamonds.

Jota’s Profile and Skills in Free Fire

jota ff ability

This new character from Garena is the result of the first collaboration with actors. If you look closely, his profile is exactly the same as Joe Taslim’s, from the look on his face to his gestures. In fact, the characters in games wearing hoodies written with the number 23 which turned out to be Joe Taslim’s date of birth.

In games, Jota is described as 31 years old. He can be called a character with the most normal background compared to other characters. He came from an ordinary family and lived his childhood like most children. However, the usual daily routine makes Jota want to find a new challenge. He also pursues parkour in order to be able to see the world from behind the building he climbed.

For those of you who want to play with Jota’s character, first know the advantages and disadvantages. One of Jota’s strengths is that he is strong in close-range combat, on the other hand, weak in long-range combat.

Another plus is that it is difficult to kill because it has skills which can restore HP (Health Points). skills This will increase if the character is used frequently in the game. However skills will cooldown for 5 seconds before it can be reused. So, if you are facing a lot of enemies, Jota will be quite difficult.

good news, Jota FF can be combined with various characters to help players survive longer, for example with Caroline or Nikita. Caroline is a character who has the ability to run fast while shooting shotgun. Meanwhile, Nikita is a character who can do reload tight when using SMG weapons.

Tips for Playing with Jota Characters in Free Fire

jota ff karakter character

You certainly want to win the game when you choose Jota as the main character in the game. For that, you can see tips for playing optimally here.

  • Use weapons shotgun and SMG

    Jota’s main weapon is shotgun. This is a deadly weapon if used at close range. Besides that, shotgun also very effective when used in raids inside buildings. There are several types shotgun on Free Fire, namely SPAS12, M1014, and M1873.
    In addition, you can also maximize the use of SMG free fire weapons. This is a weapon with incredible fire speed, especially at close range. When playing the character Jota, you should have this weapon in the early stages. Combine the use of both types of weapons to activate skills Jota.

  • Choose role as rusher

    When playing Free Fire, there are several role which you can choose, namely rusher, shooter, flankerand as support. Role the most suitable for Jota is rusher. one’s job rusher is as entry Fragger while provoking the opposing team. A rusher must have skills tall individual and aim Accurate.
    Rusher must also be able to create an opening for the team to be able to surround the enemy. Because of the importance role this, position rusher must be filled by a brave character like Jota. Moreover, Jota has skills restores up to 40 HP (Health Points) every time you do kill. That is, the more enemies that die, the more blood you get.

  • Playing barbaric and full of tactics

    The next tip that you need to apply when using the Jota character is don’t hesitate to play with barbarians. These are the characteristics of players with role rusher. However, don’t just crash, OK! You also have to keep in touch with the team to ensure your position and playing strategy.
    Even though it was the start of the battle, rusher you should also master the sneak technique when ambushing the enemy. So you can do the technique flanking or rotate while waiting for the right time to ambush.
    A rusher must also master good shooting techniques, such as Scoping or Jump Shoot. To maximize this ability, you can train it through Practice Mode. In addition, don’t forget to bring enough equipment, both medkits and ammunition.

  • Combine with skills other characters

    Jota can be combined with skills other characters to maximize their abilities. The most powerful combination is with healer and support. If using shotgunyou can use skills Caroline. However, if you prefer SMG, you can choose skills Nikita.
    For needs healingyou can make Jota last longer with a combination skills Alok and Kapella. With skills this, the recovery effect will be stronger.

  • Keep a safe distance from the enemy

    Jota FF Characters very strong in close combat. This was due to the reliable weapon he wielded, namely shotgun, SMG, and assault rifle. Both are weapons that are more effective at close range.
    Therefore, if you meet an enemy at close range, the thing to do is get closer to the range of the weapon’s range. However, if the enemy is at a distance and uses a sniper rifle, don’t hesitate to hide first. Avoid open areas so as not to be hit by long range fire.

Play with characters Jota FF it will definitely be more exciting and fun if you have mastered some of these tips. Good luck!

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