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Come on, get acquainted with 9 New Mobile Legends Heroes in 2022!

As one of the portals online games which is in great demand, Mobile Legends never stops providing interesting new breakthroughs for its players. In addition to presenting various updates that make the game more exciting, Moonton—the developer of Mobile Legends—also always introduces a series of hero new every year.

In 2022 alone, there are 8 hero new ones that have been introduced throughout the year from January. This number is also added to 4 hero others are planned to be released by the end of the year. Come on, let’s get acquainted further with the row new hero Mobile Legend present this year!

1. Carmilla, Hero Support of the Vampire Nation


Carmilla Ansaac isn’t actually a pure vampire or Blood Demon. Many years ago, she was the only daughter of King Earl of Aberleen Palace in Avalor. However, his life changes when he meets and falls in love with Cecilion—new hero Mobile Legend of race Blood Demon which turns them into the same race.

nicknamed Shadow of TwilightCarmilla was introduced in January 2022. Although it has role as Hero Supportyou can also use it as a defense Tank in the side lane because Spell Vamp The toughness she possessed made it difficult for Carmilla to be killed.

2. Cecilion, Hero Mage with Multipurpose Skill


Carmilla’s lover, Cecilion, was introduced the following month. He has a background as an opera singer who entertained the royal family and the nobility of Avalor. His meeting with Carmilla also started with an opera performance.

Carmila and Cecilion are a couple Hero The first Mobile Legends to have skills interactive. Skills that Cecilion had as Hero Mage also no less powerful paralyzing the opponent. Apart from being able to give damage strong, Maximum Mana Cecilion will continue to increase by 100 times each time his attack hits the target.

3. Yuzhong, Fighter Strong That Can Sweep The Battlefield

yu zhong

Yu Zhong is often used as side lane fighter because of ability spell vamp what he has can give ultimate damage on the enemy. He can also transform into a dragon (Black Dragon) and adds more than 200% of his physical attack to sweep the battlefield in no time.

Coming in June 2022, Yu Zhong is Hero from the nation Humanoid Dragon. That said, he had the ambition to destroy the Dragon Altar and Great Dragon to be able to rule the Cadia Riverlands, the oriental region from which he came.

4. Khaleed, Master of the Powerful Swords Desert Power

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Introduced in August 2022, Khaleed is new heroes in Mobile Legends others who have no less formidable abilities. When moving, Khaleed will collect Desert Power. The power accumulated to the maximum amount will increase his speed by 25% while strengthening Basic Attack on the enemy.

Khaleed fills the role of Hero Fighter from the Agelta Drylands. Armed with a sword Desert Scimitar, Hero it has skills based on the desert, according to the place of origin. Besides Desert Power, skills Khaleed’s other possessions include Sand Walk, Desert Tornado, Quicksand Guardand Raging Sandstorm.

5. Luo Yi, Hero Mage Yin and Yang Balance

Luo Yi

Luo Yi is new hero Mobile Legend which began to appear in Shop at the end of May 2022. Hero it has the role of Mage or Support with level damage big enough to help you early in the game.

Hailing from the eastern mainland of Dongyu, Luo Yi is known as hero which can balance the forces of Yin and Yang. This ability makes him skilled at producing CC effects from a distance.

6. Atlas, Hero Tanks with Defense Magic excellent


Atlas is touted as one of the Hero Tanks the strongest. Frankly, it has magical powers Fatal Link which can help you win the war easily. With total magic power reach more than 75%, this power can hit and slow down the enemy’s movement.

Atlas was introduced in March 2022. He belongs to the Mecha Sentry race originating from the Abysmal Sea in the Northern Vale region.

7. Popol and Kupa, the Human and Wolf Duo from the Northern Ice Field

popol and kupa
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Join as a duo new hero Mobile Legend 2022Popol and Kupa announced themselves as partner the best in the world. Popol himself is a brave boy who likes adventure, while Kupa is a wolf who becomes his pet as well as his companion.

They were both introduced in April 2022 as Hero Marksman. When fighting, both of them will have an effect Crowd Control simultaneously so that they can face opponents more optimally.

8. Barats, Sang Dino Rider with Two Role


Introduced in August this year, Barats is new hero Mobile Legend of a race of dwarves born on the plains of Albata, the Agelta Drylands. He has a mount named Detona, a dinosaur Dragon Lizard which has great power.

Barats has two role at the same time, namely as Hero Tanks and Fighter. For business skills, hero it has skills passive “I AM BIG” which can produce physical attacks while slowing down the opponent by 40%. His mount, Detona, is also skilled at producing ultimate skills named Detona’s Welcome that can lock hero fight and provide protection immune to Barats during effect Crowd Control.

9. Benedetta, Super Fast Hero Assassin


Benedetta is new upcoming Mobile Legend hero and fill the role of Assassin. It has three skills main: Shadow Slash which can produce a maximum attack of 200%, An Eye for an Eye which causes an immune effect, as well as Alecto: Final Blow which can slow down the opponent while dealing deadly physical attacks.

Curious about Benedetta’s fighting abilities? Looks like you’ll have to be patient a little longer. Hero Assassin this is rumored to be released to original server Mobile Legends is at the end of 2022, to be precise in December.

That’s nine new hero Mobile Legend which have been released or will be released in 2022. Some of you may have managed to play some hero it and take advantage of skills tough they have. What is clear, a row hero latest on portal online multiplayer games Mobile Legends will make the battle with the opposing team even more exciting and impressive.

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