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Choice of PUBG Mobile Maps that You Can Play, Guaranteed Exciting!

Along with the development of technology, there are also mobile games on line with various genre and gameplay. Call it one of them, namely PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds or commonly called PUBG. Games with themes battle royal this is the main competitor of Free Fire, comes with treats gameplay which is certainly very exciting and thrilling. The reason is, each player must fight each other until finally there is only one person who comes out as the winner.

Not only present in many mode game, you will also find a variety of choices folder PUBG mobile. Of course, each folder have unique and interesting characteristics that make the game more exciting and tense. You can play all folder PUBG game on mobile, PC, PS4, to Xbox. Come on, let’s see the discussion of each folder from the following PUBG games!

Choice of Playable PUBG Mobile Maps

pubg mobile karakin map
Source: Pubg Mobile

When playing games PUBG, you certainly have to know the location that you will be visiting later. This means, apart from knowing the type folder available, you also need to understand all the additional information on each one folder the. Then, what are the options? folder in PUBG game mobile?

Erangel PUBG Mobile Map

Folder first thing you can play is Erangel PUBG mobile map with an area of ​​8 x 8 kilometers. The area of ​​this arena will make it easier for you to plan loot nor drop so you can survive more in the beginning games.

Every now and then, you will find a vehicle that can be used to explore folder Erangel. In addition to serving a combination of big cities, small towns, military sites, and power plants in a fairly large area of ​​green land, folder Erangel also offers a pretty dynamic weather view.

So, not only exploring and finding lots of fun things, you can also face many battles, and attacks are no exception sniper and a grenade explosion. Unfortunately, there are no types of weapons that can be considered exclusive on this map. You may only find the SCARF-L assault rifle at folder Erangel.

Then, in any place that can be used loot? Apparently, there are three best locations that you can use, namely:

  • Sosnovka Military Basewhere you can find lots of weapons, attachments, and
  • Mylta Power, power generation area that can make you earn amount loot This includes attachments in the form of sniper and level 3 military equipment.
  • school, the location is close and offers a lot loot, mostly equipment for level 2, DMR, and assault rifles.

To put it simply, Erangel is a type PUBG mobile maps which makes it the most ideal location for parachuting. Not only that, this area is quite far from the area lootbut one could say it still has a level spawn tall vehicle.

Miramar PUBG Mobile Map

Like Erangel, the Miramar map in the PUBG game is positioned on a grid measuring 8 x 8 kilometers. This means that players can freely make battle plans so that they can be the last player standing.

Even so, Pera Miramar has a desert contour with minimal leaves. If you avoid war, the only shelters you can find are buildings. You have a choice of Win94 weapons here.

Meanwhile, to do loot, You can go to the following areas:

  • Prisons, an area that is quite far from the center of the map and is the best place for loot armor and weapons.
  • Pecado, be in the center of the map and become the area loot with fierce competition.
  • Campo Military, the place is quite far from the center of the map if you want to do loot here.

In order to avoid stiff competition, you should land at a point far from the area loot popular. Then, you can move quickly to the safe zone.

Map Sanhok PUBG Mobile

Map of Sanhok PUBG mobile has a size of 4 x 4 kilometers with more complicated challenges. Folder PUBG mobile It is made with a combination of green areas, wide rivers, military bases, and buildings. The Sanhok Map also offers several more exclusive vehicle and weapon options, including the Marksman Designated QBU88 and Assault type QBZ95 rifles.

Then, choice of place loot The best in the Sanhok map include:

  • bootcamp, the best place if you want to pile up weapons for battle later.
  • Ruins, a place of ruins that holds a lot items. However, prepare a lot of weapons to survive in this area.
  • Camp Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie, these three areas do not offer loot as good as the previous two areas. But all three have spawn gear which is quite high.

Landing in an area close to the edge of the map can help you develop the best strategy. Later, you won’t have to travel long distances to stay in the safe zone.

PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map

The Vikendi map is synonymous with snow weather with a size of 6 x 6 kilometers. While on this map, players can play the game by selecting the day or night version. You can also get a G36C type assault rifle here.

Meanwhile, some places loot the best you can go to while on the Vikendi map is Cosmodrome, Podvosto, Volnova, Goroka, Castle, and Villa.

PUBG Mobile Karakin Map

There’s also folder Karakin which is only 2 x 2 kilometers wide. This map can only be filled by 64 players to fight each other and gain chicken dinner. Pera Karakin can be said to be quite arid with little grass.

Map Livik PUBG Mobile

Folder PUBG mobile the other is Livik which has an area like Karakin, which is 2 x 2 kilometers. Livik can be said to be a map that offers concepts fast paced battle. Its small size with a shorter playing duration will certainly make the interaction between players more intense. That is, the Livik map is a great choice if you enjoy playing daily tasks at a certain moment or likes to play riot.

Well, that was a choice folder PUBG mobile which you can play. Don’t forget, to make playing PUBG more exciting, you can top up vouchers PUBG game via UniPin. Lots of choices vouchersand definitely an easier way to pay. Come on, top up now!

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