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Childhood Nostalgia by Playing PS2 Games on Android Phones

If in the past we had to be willing to queue at a PlayStation rental place, now playing PS2 has become easier via Android devices. Play PS2 games on android not only for fun, but also while reminiscing by playing various favorite old games.

play ps2 games on android without emulator

PS2 has been around since March 2000 and was immediately welcomed. The PS2 is still one of the favorite consoles of all time. It is proven by the PS2 being listed in the Guinness World Records as one of the consoles games with the most owners, reaching 157.68 million people.

What makes the PS2 last as the best console? These are some of the reasons.

1. More Elegant Design

The PS2 comes in black, linear textured, and has a monolith shape. The blue PS2 logo is emblazoned on the top surface of the console followed by the PlayStation logo printed in the middle disk drives-his.

The design immediately catches the attention of game lovers. Sony then re-applied the design to the next generation of consoles, such as the PSP, PS3, PS Vita, and PS4.

2. PS1 Games Can Still Be Played

There are several PS1 games that can still be played on PS2. Playstation parties are aware that PS1 fans who switch to PS2 of course still want to play their favorite games on the latest console.

Several PS1 games that can be played on PS2, such as Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid, and Final Fantasy VII. The requirement to be able to play PS1 games on PS2 is to use a memory card from PS1 to save the game.

3. Can Function As DVD Player

This one feature is another attraction of the PS2. Moreover, in 2000 most of the people began to switch from VHS video players to DVD player. This makes the PS2 much sought after, and the PlayStation is increasingly flooded with orders.

Moreover, its competitors such as Nintendo and XBox do not yet carry DVD compatibility. People certainly prefer the PS2 which can be multifunctional compared to other consoles.

4. Most Social Console

At the moment play PS2 games on android can be done anytime and anywhere, different from ancient times. In Indonesia itself, to play PlayStation, we generally first go to a rental place and queue.

From here, a social process is established between those who are playing or waiting in line for their turn. No wonder playing PS2 will feel sentimental because there is a lot of nostalgia felt.

Popular and Favorite PS2 Games

play ps2 games on android without lag

PS2 does support backward compatible which allows users to play games PS1 on the successor console. A few months after the release, Sony launched 29 new games for the PS2. A number of games Notable ones include Armored Afternoon, Dynasty Warrior 2, and Tekken Tag Tournament.

Other games that have been popular and become favorites on PS2, such as:

1. God of War II

This adventure game with the background of Greek mythology is still one of the games favorite so far. Genre hack and slash it’s never boring, even though it can’t be played live multiplayer. Released in 2007, God of War II still tells the story of Kratos in conflict with the Greek gods. The fourth series can also be played on PS 4.

2. Kingdom Hearts

What would happen if Disney’s signature characters teamed up with characters from Final Fantasy? It will definitely create an exciting and interesting adventure. Kingdom Hearts was made possible by the collaboration of Disney and Square Enix, the developers of Final Fantasy.

Own gameplay which is also unique games which is actually devoted to children, will never be forgotten for loyal PS2 players, even though the latest version of Kingdom Hearts is now available.

3. Resident Evil 4

This game that raises the story of zombies presents a more thrilling adventure. Set in a city darker than previous adventures, games made by Capcom with this horror genre will lead players to the mysterious Los Illuminados faction.

4. Guitar Hero

Released in 2006, Guitar Hero was able to continue to be games PS2 is the most popular and widely played, especially in Indonesia. Guitar Hero fans are not few and come from various circles and social classes. For an even more fun sensation, in playing Guitar Hero you should use guitar controller.

5. GTA: San Andreas

Even though it is rated negatively because it displays a lot of violence, Grand Theft Auto or GTA for short still has a lot of fans out there. Noted, GTA already has the largest number of players.

Gameplay attractive and fairly slick graphics make GTA: San Andreas still in demand today. Coupled with the background and story on games unique features that make GTA: San Andreas a more games best in class.

Now playing PS2 also no longer needs to use a console. Play PS2 games on android can also be done easily without having to use other tools in playing, it is only enough to install an emulator.

how to play ps2 games on android offline

To be able to play PS2 games on android without root we need an emulator that must be installed first on the android phone. Using the emulator to play PS2 does not require difficult settings because it is already equipped with a BIOS.

Examples of emulators that can be used are the paid DamonPS2 Pro or Play! and RetroArch which can be downloaded for free. After the emulator is installed, then we just have to play games PS2 that has been prepared.

These games must be in ISO format in order to be played. If you still have cassettes games Favorite PS2, we can also make it files ISO with the help of applications like UltraISO.

So that play PS2 games on android without lag can be circumvented by using a cell phone gaming. No need to be expensive, as long as the specifications are right and meet the criteria then games PS2 can be played smoothly.

Play PS2 games on android it wasn’t difficult. Emulators and miscellaneous games favorites are also available and can be downloaded easily, many of which are free. Come on, let’s go back to playing nostalgia games Your favorite PS2 right now.

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