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Check out the Best Android Survival Game Rows Today!

Currently, the phone can no longer be separated from the application games. Many mobile phone users use a variety of genre games to relieve boredom, including the eleventh survival games best android the following. Already know, what is it survival games? If not, let’s see the discussion.

About Survival Games

best android survival games offline

Succinctly, survival games can be interpreted as a game of survival. This game is part of many game genre offered on the Play Store. Due to its popularity, games This type is still being developed until now.

Adventures usually begin by playing a character who is stranded or separated from his group. Then, the player must be able to optimize the character’s skills to survive and complete the final goal of the game.

Sometimes, to add to the tension of players, developers games add nuances of horror in the game made, such as the world of zombies, world apocalypse, and others.

Anything Android Survival Games The Best You Must Download?

android survival games

The following is a complete summary of the application latest best android survival game special for you.

1. LifeAfter

If looking for android survival games best free, NetEase Games developer has one application for you, namely LifeAfter.

Similar to other survival games, players need to find a way out of all the dangers that will be faced. So start by making use of whatever is available around you, build shelters and find other survivors.

At the moment, games LifeAfter has entered its 3rd season. In this season, a lot of content games which has beenupgrades, For example, zombies are more ferocious, land, sea, air battles are getting more beautiful, and so on.

2. Shelter War – Survival Games in the Last City Bunker

Of the two game titles survival made by Royal Ark, Shelter War – Survival Games in the Last City Bunker is the best. The complicated and winding storyline is the main attraction of this game. Cool again, you can play with a different perspective, namely the first person (1st person perspective) and third (3rd person perspective).

3. Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival, produced by Kefir, is set in the setting of life on earth that has been torn apart by the spread of an uncontrolled zombie outbreak.

This game offers features where player can arrange hero which will be played as desired, ranging from gender, skin color, to hairstyle.

At the beginning of the game, players are only required to survive from zombie attacks. However, if you have reached a certain level, players must also be able to overcome intruders who want to take over the fortress.

4. Stormfall: Saga of Survival

Combining RPG elements and survival make Stormfall: Saga of Survival unique.

Isolation in the fantasy world of Stormfall forces you to kill your enemies, build shelters, solve magical mysteries, explore alien territory, fight curses, tame wild animals, defeat darkness, and face other outcasts.

5. Minecraft

Even though it’s paid, Minecraft is still an option games most popular. To date, Minecraft has beendownload by nearly 4 million android phone users.

Mode survival is gameplay mainstay games this Mojang Studios release. In this mode, each player is asked to survive from monsters by utilizing all the natural resources around, such as stone, wood, and others. The point is, do whatever it takes to keep your character alive until the end of the game.

Interested to buy survival games best android on line this? You can buy it for US $ 7.49 or equivalent to Rp. 105,537.47.

6. Crashlands

One more survival games unique you must install on your phone, namely Crashlands by Butterscotch Shenanigans. You can feel the experience of playing games in many types at once, including RPG, survival, action, and adventure.

Crashlands comes with a stunning graphic display so that it spoils your eyes when looking at the cellphone screen. Unfortunately, you can’t get this premium game for free.

7. ARK: Survival Evolved

The next recommendation is games survival that carries the theme of life in the age of ancient dinosaurs, ARK: Survival Evolved. Even though the size games is relatively small (71M), you must have a cellphone with at least 3GB RAM and the latest Vulkan Supportupdates to run game-his.

Ready to dive into the world of dinosaurs? Get rid of annoying ads during the game by buying vouchers Primal Pass, i.e. subscription system games monthly or yearly.

8. Out There: Edition

For some people who have already played, Out There: Edition (paid app Rp. 76,000.00) is survival games The best space themed today.

The game starts when you wake up in an alien galaxy without adequate supplies. You have to try to find supplies to survive alone with various obstacles, of course. The longer you play, the more interesting surprises you can find in games this.

9. Raft Survival: Raft Survival

When most survival games carrying the theme of a forest, a ruined city, or the middle ages, this game application from TRESTONE LTD takes the theme of the ocean.

The game begins when you—a sailor—are stranded on a raft. Then, the storyline begins to be filled with challenges and disasters. Your main task is to survive on the island and adventure in the ocean.

10. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Unlike other games that carry more of a 3D concept, Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition is equipped with a 2D cartoon theme.

Players start the game in a wilderness full of conflicts between magic and science. Rate games it will feel heavier because you are only equipped with a sickle to find food and survive.

If interested ininstall this game on your mobile, you have to buy it for US$4.99 or Rp.70,311.35.

11. This War of Mine

The last list is games that are inspired by true stories, namely This War of Mine produced by 11 Bit Studios.

Games It puts you as a group of civilians trying to survive in the chaos of the city caused by war. Threat from sniper and lack of supplies (such as food, medicine, etc.) is a challenge that must be faced during the game.

Download games this by paying Rp. 189.000, 00. Then, play anytime, on line or offline.

Even though the nominal purchase is quite draining, you won’t regret it because This War of Mine is a survival games best android offline.

So, how many games have been from the list survival games best android above installed on your phone? Visit UniPin to buy credit android games-your!

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