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Check Out A124 Free Fire, Half Robot Human Character

As a battle royale game that relies on characters to play, Free Fire provides unlimited choices. You can choose a character based on their strength to get stuck in the game. One of these characters is A124 Free Fire.

Show with body half human and half iron, A124 Free Fire is one of the unique characters in Free Fire. At 18 years old, he is actually a robot created using modern technology. A124 Free Fire character can turn into an ordinary teenager, but can also transform into a reliable fighter on the battlefield.

Who is A124 Free Fire?

a124 free fire character

A124 has proven to be the choice of many users who play on Free Fire. This is not only because of its unique appearance, but also because skills His specialty is Thrill of Battle. With skills In this case, A124 can change EP (Energy Points) to HP (Health Points) in a short time. This ability can take you level after level of the game without having to worry about running out of HP.

Although skills This active can be used without Medkit support, but you can’t use it all the time. A124 can only activate it when the HP is low. If you play with a lot of HP, skills this will be useless.

Besides, there are cooldown limiting user use skills the. This means that you have to wait for a period of a few seconds until the Thrill of Battle can be used again. However, the higher the level of the game, the time cooldown A124 will also be reduced.

Skills Pain Has A124 Free Fire

a124 free fire abilities

To understand well the skills possessed by this character at each level, see more in the following description!

  • Skills Level 1. Can convert 25 EP to HP with time cooldown for 90 seconds
  • Skills Level 2. Able to convert 30 EP into HP with duration cooldown for 80 seconds
  • Skills Level 3. Able to convert 35 EP into HP with duration cooldown for 75 seconds
  • Skills Level 4. Able to convert 40 EP to HP with time cooldown it takes 70 seconds
  • Skills Level 5. AI Jacket
  • Skills Level 6. Quickly converts 55 EP to HP with time cooldown only 65 seconds
  • Skills Level 7. A124’s Banner
  • Skills Level 8. Quickly converts 50 EP to HP with duration cooldown for 60 seconds.

From the points above, it can be concluded that at each level, the effectiveness of the A124’s abilities continues to increase temporarily cooldownit also keeps decreasing. This will help you to quickly win the battle.

Besides skills owned, A124 has several advantages, namely its strength will increase when eating mushrooms. The A124 also tends to be flexible so it can be used for solo or squad battles. The A124 can act as a front-line tank. Time cooldown which still tends to be old is still the weakness of this one character.

Tips for Using A124 Free Fire

a124 free fire

Know skills A124 alone is not enough. In order to use it optimally, you must know the tricks in playing it. Anything?

1. Eat Lots of Mushrooms

As previously mentioned, skills The A124 can work if enough EP is available. One of the steps you can take to collect EP is to eat mushrooms that can be found on the map. The more mushrooms you eat, the stronger the character.

This mushroom-eating strategy is very suitable for use if you are playing solo. In this way you can minimize the use of Medkit so that it is more efficient. However, keep in mind that there is a limit to the amount of EP that can be converted into HP.

2. More Suitable for Defense

Skills The A124’s are basically not for increasing attack but for defense. Therefore, it’s a good idea to give him a suitable position. You can use it for solo or squad battles.

Its power which can convert EP into HP is also very beneficial in squad games. A124 can be a decoy to attract the attention of the enemy. This will make it easier for other squad members who have high attack abilities such as Marksman to finish off enemies who are fooled.

3. Choose the Best Combo

Each character in Free Fire has its own advantages and disadvantages. In order to make big profits, you can combine or create combos between the A124 you play with other characters. There are several combos that are considered the best pair for the A124, namely:

  • With his ability to increase players’ EP, Miguel would make a perfect combo with A124. With the additional EP that Miguel gives, A124 will be even stronger because it can be turned into HP
  • maxim free fire considered the most suitable character combined with A124. Maxim has skills specifically to increase the player’s movement speed. This will help the A124 to move faster to find mushrooms. The faster and the more mushrooms you get, the more HP the A124 will have.

In addition to just one character, combining A124 with many other characters at once will also produce a deadly game. For example, by combining Wukong, Moco and Miguel with the A124 together.

This combination is perfect for camping mode matches. Wukong will help hide themselves from the enemy while Moco will mark the enemy’s location to help the movement of squad members. Miguel can generate 80EP for each kill and A125 can turn it into HP.

That’s a full review of A124 Free Fire complete with skills and the best combos. Come win your battle with A124!

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