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Cheats Plants vs Zombies PC English

As a PC platform user, you must be familiar with a game called Plants vs Zombies. Almost everyone must have played a game of plants against this flock of zombies.

This game has very light specifications and can be played for free. You can play different games in Plants vs Zombies. This fairly diverse gameplay makes Plants vs Zombies very fun to play.

You are required to defend your home environment from zombie attacks. Because it is not easy, most players sometimes use shortcuts to win this one game.

That’s right, you can use Cheat Codes in Plants vs Zombies. In this article, Halogame will share a collection of these Cheat Codes for you. Curious? Cheats Plants vs Zombies PC English! Check below.

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Cheats Plants vs Zombies PC English

Effects CheatsCheat Code
Make the Zombies dancedance
Candy rain after Zombie is killedpinata
Zombies leave Little Daisies after being killeddaises
Changing the appearance of the lawn mowertrickedout
Brings out different Zombie soundssukhbir
Gives Zombie a futuristic appearancefuture
Zombies have mustachesmustache
Zombies walk slowlyslowboke
Infinite suntohot

Now, That’s the Indonesian Cheat Plants vs Zombies PC. By using the cheat code that we provided above, you can unlock various premium features in the game. Ranging from unlimited sun to make zombies walk very slowly.

sources: IGN

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