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Cheat Bully Scholarship Edition PC Complete in Indonesian

Maybe most of you are already familiar with the name Bully. This game made by Rockstar Games was first launched in 2005 ago. In the past dozen years, Bully has accompanied the teenage years of many gamers.

Even though it has reached the peak of its age, Bullying is still very popular today. Moreover, until now Rockstar Games is still reluctant to announce the sequel to their game.

Yet we all know that gamers around the world want that. Despite all that, Bully is still fun for us to play. Not only on consoles, but Bully is now also available on the PC platform.

This PC version of Bully is named Scholarship Edition and it’s available on Steam for now. Just like the other versions, this PC version of Bully also has a cheat code that you can use in the game.

This time, we will tell you the cheat code. Curious? Cheat Bully Scholarship Edition PC Complete in Indonesian! Check below.

Cheat Bully Scholarship Edition PC Complete in Indonesian

Press [Alt] + [Tab] during game play to display the console window (Cheat). Type in the code we provided, then press [Enter].

ISKELOFMaximum Health Cheats
ERASFGCheats All Weapons
VWIHDGCheat Never Caught
ERSGJRSuper Punch Cheats
DFQSBRCheat Everyone Has Firecrackers
PALSGZCheats To Be Friends With Everyone
DFGLAFCheats Get All Girls

Cheats English Class Words:

Cheat Bully Scholarship Edition Pc Complete in Indonesian
Bully Scholarship Edition PC | Youtube

English Lessons:

English 1

-low, mew, elm, mow, woe, owe, owl
-mewl, mole, meow, moll, well

English 2

-sit, its, fit, fig, ifs, his, hit
-gift, shift, fish, figs, fist, hits, sigh, fits, this, gist
-shift, gifts, fight, sight

English 3

-lei, mil, lie, elm
-slim, leis, miss, mess, semi, isle, less, lime, mile, elms, lies, mise
-seism, slims, miles, limes, smile, slime, isles
-smiles, slimes

English 4

-nay, yon, cry, ran, con, rya, nor, ray, arc, oar, any, cay, car, coy, can
-yarn, cran, nary, orca, roan, racy, cyan, narc, cony, corn
-rayon, corny, acorn, carny, crony

English 5

-egg, rag, rad, age, red, gag, erg, gar, dag, are, era, ear, gad
-egad, dear, gage, rage, drag, read, dare, grad, gear, dreg, aged
-gager, agger, raged, grade
-ragged, dagger

Now, That’s the Complete PC Bully Cheat in Indonesian. By using the cheat code that we provide, you can get various items in the game. This item you can use as a weapon, and can complete missions easily.

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sources: Gamedaim

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