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Capcom Confirms Knives in Resident Evil 3 Remake Can't Be Broken!

The knife in resident evil 3 remake confirmed by capcom can't be broken

In a few days Capcom will release the Resident Evil 3 Remake game officially, previously the demo of the game has been released for free to several platforms. Well, in Resident Evil Remake, Capcom is known to have turned knives into items that can later be used offensively when attacking enemies.

It is known that many players are wondering whether the knife in Resident Evil 3 can later be damaged like in the Resident Evil 2 Remake game or not. This was immediately confirmed by Capcom.

The producer of the Resident Evil 3 Remake game, Peter Fabiano recently said that the knife in Resident Evil 3 Remake will not be damaged at all.


Later, the knife will become Jill Valentine’s default weapon to kill zombies in an emergency, such as when the ammo from the hand gun is empty.

Moreover, the Resident Evil 3 game is known for its nemesis enemy, which is quite strong and terrifying, so it requires a lot of ammunition for players to kill him. Therefore, the knife in this game is again strengthened so that it cannot be damaged like Resident Evil 2 Remake which can be damaged in just a few hits.

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