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Canceled in Sweden, The International 10 Moves to Romania

Not long ago, Valve has announced that it is very likely that The International 10 in Sweden will be canceled. This itself can happen because the government of Sweden does not consider the Dota 2 tournament as an official sporting event.

Because of this, like it or not, The International 10 cannot be held in that country for various reasons. Apart from Valve who claimed to have tried hard to prepare the event since 2022.

Where is The International 10?

Canceled In Sweden The International 10 Moves To Romania 1
Dota 2 Tournament | News

It is known that Valve has worked hard enough to be able to hold The International 10 in safe conditions for all parties. But unfortunately, their plan was suddenly blocked because it was not accepted by the Swedish government.

Like it or not, Valve must at least find a new place to hold the event. The good news is that now a new place for the most prestigious tournament from Dota 2 has been determined.

The International 10 – Romania

Canceled In Sweden The International 10 Moves To Romania
The International 10 | Esports Insider

Valve recently announced that The International 10 will be held in Bucharest, Romania. Where the final will take place at the country’s largest stadium – the Arena Nationala.

Furthermore, TI 10 will be postponed to October 12, 2022. This time, TI 10 has a prize pool of USD 40,018,195 which makes this tournament one of the esports tournaments with the biggest prizes in the world.

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