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Called The Worst Rating Game

World of Dragon Nest ( WoD )

Some time ago, Nexon released a mobile MMORPG game called World of Dragon Nest (WoD). The game was released on January 18, 2022 yesterday, this game comes from a collaboration between Developer Nexon and Eyedentity.

World of Dragon Nest ( WoD )

World of Dragon Nest is an open world game that is currently being discussed in various gaming communities. This game is available and you can play on Android and IOS.

Initially, many players were happy with the news about the upcoming release of this World Of Dragon Nest game. But after this game was published, there were so many bugs and problems that occurred in the game. Many players have complained about the server down and the many bugs that annoy the players, currently the game has a fairly low rating of 2.3.

Nexon is one of the leading game developers who has published world-famous games, both mobile and PC. One example of the game is Dragon Nest, Lost Saga, Elsword, Until FIFA Online 4. In addition, the previous service was also quite satisfying for the players so that many loyal players played games from the publisher Nexon.

Maybe because World Of Dragon Nest is a newly released game, that’s why they still can’t figure out the problem with this game so many players complain about the problem.

Types of Bugs in World Of Dragon Nest

  • Can’t click map
  • Some users died in town
  • Excessive glitches for IOS users
  • Dungeon gold trick
  • The main quest doesn’t appear in some players
  • Irine defense war quest
  • High stats bug
  • Unable to create characters on some servers
  • Excessive lag
  • The pet feature cannot be unlocked in some players
  • The title bug doesn’t appear
  • The missing gacha item
  • Skills that cannot be used by some players
  • Gameplay delays in Colosseum PvP

Those are some types of bugs that we know about in the World of Dragon Nest game that irritated many players, so that the game got the worst rating in 2022.

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