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Buss Magic Chess, Meowgician with Great Skills

Talking about the Mobile Legends game seems to never end. There’s always a new topic to talk about, starting from how to go up rank fast for beginners until what are the choices of heroes that are okay in order to win. Not to mention, there’s a new fashion that’s on the rise right now, its name magic chess.

magic chess is the latest game mode released by Moonton. The hallmark of this game is the playing area similar to a 6×7 chessboard. Then, the appearance of a new character called commanders. One of commander in magic chess the most widely used is Buss magic chess.

Commanders, New Characters in Magic Chess

skill commander buss magic chess

To make it more fun when playing magic chess, Moonton released a new character named commanders. What commander that?

simply, commander it is a character who will later play a role in strategizing while playing. Every commander Later you will have three special abilities that you can use to win the game.

However, don’t be surprised if you can’t use all three abilities at the beginning games. It’s not that easy, you have to keep playing and raise experience commander-mu so you can use it skills-his. There are three levels, and every time you reach that level, you can try skills new.

Not only that, skills Buss magic chess you can use to create a strong synergy with selected Mobile Legends heroes. That is, you have to be good at recognizing the abilities of each hero and formulate the best strategy to create new synergies so you can win easily.

Well, if you just started playing magic chessyou will get one commander free, his name is Harper. Unfortunately, only Harper you can get without buying. The rest, you have to collect battle points or have diamonds which is enough to buy it, including if you want to try using it Buss magic chess.

Buss Magic ChessMeowgician with Great Abilities

hero buss magic chess

Talk about commander, Moonton has released 15 characters until last March. You can choose according to your needs, you name it commander buss. Commander you can get this one with battle points as much as 24 thousand. The price is indeed quite expensive, but with that number, you can also buy skin to open skills which he has.

Not without reason, Buss became one commander recommended choice if you want push rank up to tier Mythic. Of course, commander with a cat-like shape, this is actually rarely used by Mobile Legends players magic chess professional in the tournament arena. Whereas, skills owned can be considered effective for winning the game.

So, what is it really? commander skills Buss magic chess who is also called this Meowgician?

1. Level 1: Boon to the Weak

Go to level 1, commander Buss will serve skills first, that is Boon to the Weak. This ability will provide an opportunity for you to do refresh shop for free if you lose playing in round previously. You can refresh shop free once when in games you get damage not up to 10 points.

Skills The Magic Cat at the lowest level is very suitable to be used to get various heroes with 1 star. Call them Martis, Saber, or Miya heroes. In fact, you can also get a hero who has level 3 as many as three heroes just by playing up to level 6.

So ability Buss magic chess at this level it can be maximized, like it or not you have to play and lose first at this level step beginning. In fact, it’s not impossible that you have to give up 35 HP up to fate box first just to be able to get a lot of one-star heroes.

Unfortunately, many players magic chess who forgot to save or didn’t get it interest because gold you have less than 10 when you play with it commander buss. As a result, it will be quite difficult for you to comeback on mid game later. So, keep it as much as possible gold, yes!

2. Level 2: Waste Not, Want Not

Go to level 2, you can refresh shop enough to issue 1 gold just. However, you only have a chance refresh as much as 2 times. More than that, you need to spend 2 gold for each refresh.

Different from skills at level 1, at level 2 you can still use commander skills Buss with an aggressive type of game without the need to give in. However, there are still risks. Even if you can continue to play aggressively, you can’t get items on fate box first.

Besides that, commander skills Buss magic chess this can also be used to collect 1-star heroes in the early game until it reaches slot 6. However, you are still recommended to use it skills level 1 if you want to collect heroes because it feels more fitting.

3. Level 3: The Midas Touch

Well, for skills level 3, you can get a 5-star hero or hero legend from the start of the game. Just press skills commander Buss after you are on fate box first, then press again after going through 15 rounds. Some of these high-priced heroes include Gatotkaca, Minotaur, Odette, Yu Zhong, and Thamuz.

Don’t forget, make sure you’ve saved up gold from the start of the game. At least, you need to have gold more than 10 or 20 so you can get interest maximum. Don’t skip save because of the possibility to get level 3 for class heroes legend very large.

How, interested to have Buss magic chess as commanders? If you don’t have battle points as much as needed, you can also buy it hero Buss magic chess use diamonds. If you want top up diamonds, just go to UniPin. Many nominal choices, various payment methods, and of course trusted.

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