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Build Karrie Hurts in Mobile Legends 2022 Games

For those of you who are looking for Build Karrie Tersakit Mobile Legends (ML) 2022, here we provide tips.

Karrie is a Marksman who is easy to play in Mobile Legends. He also appears in the lesser known Hero Mobile Legends in 2022. The reason is because Karrie was defeated by popular marksman like Beatrix, Brody, Popol and Kupa and many others.

Karrie also doesn’t randomly generate items. He has a passive skill to convert critical damage into attack speed. Therefore, it will not match items that are Critical in Mobile Legends (ML).

Well, after we explore, this is the worst Build Karrie in 2022 in Mobile Legends with a detailed explanation.

Item Build Karrie Sick 2022 in Mobile Legends (ML)

The items you need to make Build Karrie sick in 2022 and become a scary Marksman in Mobile Legends (ML) are Warrior’s Boots, Windtalker, Endless Battle, DHS, Immortality and Malefic Roar. Here’s the explanation.

1. Warrior’s Boots

The first item needed to complete Build Karrie’s sickest 2022 in Mobile Legends is Warrior Boots. Warrior’s Boots gives you extra Physical Defense to fight Hero Marksman on your lane.

This is because so that you can defend against enemies, because Karrie’s attack distance is very short when compared to other marksman in Mobile Legends

2. Windtalker

Windtalker gives Karrie an additional 40% Attack Speed, 20 Movement Speed, and 10% Critical Chance in Mobile Legends. With a fairly fast attack speed and a very affordable price of only 1820 gold, this item is perfect for Karrie in the early game.

3. Endless Battle

Endless Battle will provide many additional statuses that are very suitable for Karrie to use in Mobile Legends. For Karrie, the most important thing about this item is her unique Passive.

Endless Battle’s unique passive will make the next Basic Attack deal True Damage after using this skill. This is definitely useful for making thick heroes cry, by combining it with the passive it will deal True Damage as well.

Then Karrie will later have 2 True Damage (damage that will not care about defense).

4. Demon Hunter Swords

Demon Hunter Sword (DHS) gives a 25% attack speed bonus and 35 physical attacks. This item causes Karrie to have more damage and a higher attack speed later.

5. Immortality

We know that now is a META where players always play fast. the opponent will apply pressure continuously. So Karrie desperately needed an immortality that would give her an extra life.

6. Malefic Roar

The last item that must be needed to complete Build Karrie 2022 in Mobile Legends (ML) is Malefic Roar. This item is very useful for Karrie in the late game.

The reason was that the enemy must have a Defense Blade Armor item to defend against the attack. So Karrie needs Malefic Roar to destroy enemy Armor.

Karrie’s Spell and Emblem Hurt in Mobile Legends 2022

In Mobile Legends in 2022, the sickest karrie emblem is custom marksman with an additional 12 Physical Attack, 5% Attack Speed, and Passive Electro Flash. This passive emblem gives 40% Movement speed when killing enemies with Basic Attack. In addition, this passive Emblem restores HP up to 30% of Physical Attack.

Flicker is the best spell for Karrie in Mobile Legends. You can use this spell to chase or avoid enemies. There are many situations where Karrie can use Flicker well

For example, the enemy’s HP is low. Then you have to do it right? Well, use Flicker

Well, this is the worst Karrie 2022 Mobile Legends build that you should try. Do you have a better build recommendation? Please leave a comment below.

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