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Build Hero Fanny version of AURA Kabuki in MPL ID season 9 Games

Curious about the Hero Fanny build used by AURA Kabuki in MPL ID season 9? Here’s the explanation below!

Kabuki is one of the players from the Aura Fire team who shines in the 9th season of MPL ID. One of his best gameplay is when he uses Fanny, who quickly mastered the game and won the weekly MVP title last week 2.

For those of you who are curious about the build items used by Kabuki in MPL ID Season 9, what are you waiting for, see the explanation below

Build Hero Fanny version of Aura Kabuki MPL ID Season 9

Behemoth Hunter’s Tough Boots

For Fanny, the choice of shoes is quite flexible because she is very suitable for wearing any kind of shoes. However, Tough Boots are the right choice and are very effective for increasing Magic Resist and reducing CC’s effect on Fanny.

Then for the selection of Retribution, Bloody Retribution is the best choice for Fanny because it can absorb additional HP and make Fanny’s HP thicker than usual.

For that reason, Kabuki prefers Tough Boots with Bloody Retribution.

Blade of the Heptaseas

Blade of the Heptaseas is the best choice of damage items for Assassins like Fanny, to increase the amount of HP and additional Physical Attack that makes Fanny stronger and tougher. In addition, this item also adds additional Physical Penetration and has a passive effect that can increase the user’s Basic Attack and give a slow effect.

With this item, Fanny’s Basic Attack can be more frightening and she can easily kill her opponent.

Antique Cuirass

One of Fanny’s weaknesses is her very low defense. That means he needs at least an item to increase his defense and make Fanny last longer in team fights.

Antique Cuirass is the most suitable defense item for Fanny, because in addition to increasing HP, physical defense and health regeneration, Antique Cuirass also has a passive effect that can reduce the enemy’s physical attack by up to 24%.

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