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Build Guide Miya Mobile Legend, Complete with Stats!

Have you ever heard of Miya Mobile Legend? This time we will discuss the story of Miya and the power she has. Make sure you know this so you can win the match with Miya in Mobile Legend.

Miya’s story in Mobile Legend

how to play miya on mobile legendMiya is an iconic hero in Mobile Legend. Each hero has their own story that you need to know. Before discussing how to use Miya Mobile Legend, it is important to know the story of Miya’s initial appearance in Mobile Legend.

The depiction of Miya’s figure in Mobile Legend as an elf who comes from the moon temple. Miya was raised by science who was in the moon shrine. He did rigorous training in order to become a person worthy of the moon god.

You need to know that Miya has a dream as the best archer in the moon temple. One day it was told that there was a war between orcs and humans who began to approach the elven village. The people in the elven village did not stay silent, they gathered the elves to fight.

Miya is the leader of the war, she tries to expel the orcs and humans from the elven village. Miya was cornered by her enemy so she asked the moon god for help. The orcs and humans destroyed the moon temple causing a miracle to occur.

When things got out of control, the Moon God gave Miya strength. The Moon God bestows great power on Miya’s bow. This makes Miya become more confident. He attacked the enemy valiantly and continued to fight.

The power of her arrows is unmatched now, Miya has arrows filled with power by the stars. Miya’s arrows can turn into an Eagle that can stab the opponent and destroy him.

In the end, Miya continues to fight to save the elven village with her courage and strength. Miya attacks relentlessly using her arrows. In fact, Miya managed to save the villagers of the elf and was known as the guardian eagle of the incarnation of the moon god.

Miya’s Power in Mobile Legend

build for miyaSo that you can find out how to play Miya in Mobile Legend, then you need to know the power that Miya has. This will help you to strategize the war against the enemy.

You need to know Miya’s character and strength in order to win the match. Your character as Miya will be stronger, if you can use Miya’s power well.

Some of Miya’s strengths that you need to know are as follows:

1. Has Attack Speed

Miya has the power to attack quickly, she can use basic attack opportunities to attack the opponent. Miya can target the opponent directly by increasing the strength 5% every 5 seconds.

In addition, Miya has a turbo passive skill that can be used to stack opponents up to eight times. So, you don’t need to doubt Miya’s deadly skills.

2. Attacking with a Rain of Arrows

Miya has the power to strike opponents with a hail of arrows. He can shoot a rain of arrows in the area that has been targeted. Opponents who are hit by arrows will get a slow effect that makes the opponent unable to attack.

In addition, this rain of Arrows skill can cause the opponent to freeze for one second if the opponent is hit by arrows four times. So, you can use this power to immobilize your opponent or save yourself from the opponent’s attack.

3. Has Full Damage Arrow Attack

Miya Mobile Legend has the power to attack the opponent with the closest target. Miya can use the fission shot skill which serves to attack the opponent with arrows that can be divided into two and attack the targeted opponent.

The main target hit by the arrow will take full damage. Meanwhile, nearby opponents will get 30% damage from the physical damage given by Miya.

4. Miya Can Disappear

Miya’s very special power is that Miya can disappear from the opponent’s sight. While disappearing, Miya gathers strength to attack the opponent with all her strength. In fact, Miya can increase attack speed.

In addition, Miya can increase the power to move to attack the enemy suddenly. Well, this power is called the ultimate skill to attack and can also be used as a defense.

Tips for Using Miya’s Figure in Mobile Legend

how to use hero miya mobile legendsIf you want to know how to use the Miya Mobile Legends hero well, then you must have the best build item for Miya. Miya’s best build items can be determined based on her lifesteal, critical, and attack speed.

The use of these three builds for Miya can be used simultaneously. You can use all three to face your opponent. The combination of the three will deal great damage to the opponent.

You must know, when playing Miya in the Early game this figure is quite weak. So, you have to be more careful. You must be able to clear the lane and buy farming items to keep Miya up to level 4.

If you want to maximize Miya’s power, then you need to prepare some items to support Miya’s game. These items are Swift Boots, Berseker’s Fury, Scarlet Phantom, Wind of Nature, Blade of Despair, and Windtalker.

You can use these items to win matches in Mobile Legend with Miya. Miya’s strength will be stronger by using items as support when carrying out attacks or defenses.

So that Miya can win the game, then you have to watch the lane and farming until the mid game. In addition, make sure that Miya’s troops can survive until the end of the war with a low death total. This will make it easier for Miya to master the game.

Thus, the discussion about Miya Mobile Legend that you need to know. Hope you can put Miya’s power to good use and save the elven village.

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