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Brody Comes With His Skin Collector Games

Developer Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Moonton will again have a Collector skin in Land of Dawn. This time the hero who got the skin was Brody, one of the heroes with the strongest Marksman role at this time. The skin is called “Oce-Chemist”.

The news was officially given by Mobile Legends Indonesia through its official Instagram website on Thursday (7 April). “Skin Collector Brody, “Ore-chemist”, is coming soon.

After losing everything, in desperation, Brody managed to become an alchemist! With extraordinary alchemy abilities, he gathers extraordinary power in his arms and revives mysterious ruins,” wrote Mobile Legends Indonesia.

Brody’s Collector Skin is also the opening series for Event 515 M-World. In this skin, Brody is said to be the best alchemist. He simply rushed to the Land of Dawn to challenge his opponents. He has the form of a knight. Brody is seen wearing a white robe with gold ornaments that make it even more elegant.

The effect of the skill that Brody presents is quite interesting. When Brody releases his skill, he will become gold. “Abyss impact” aka skill 1 Brody can emit a weak signal that appears in a shockwave and is amplified by alchemy. As a result, he might leave a trace of magic on his opponent.

In addition, if Brody unleashes the “Corrosive Strike” skill, he will leave a trail of marks in his path when Brody strikes the target with the power of rocks. The most epic is Brody’s ultimate skill. With all her energy, she condenses her power into a giant crystal and launches a deadly attack at the enemy.

The plan is that Brody’s skin “Ore-Chemist” will be officially released on April 13. Of course, for you skin collector hunters, you have to get this skin. Because this Brody skin can only be obtained through the Grand Collector event by doing a spin

It is estimated that Brody’s “Ore-Chemist” skin will cost 6,000 diamonds or the equivalent of Rp. 1.5 million. The price is quite expensive because this skin is only available in events

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