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Bigetron Returns Early After Losing To Aura Fire In MPL S9 Playoffs Games

Aura Fire vs Bigetron Alpha was present on Day 1 MPL Season 9. The match was hot and tight, Aura Fire defeated Bigetron Alpha with a score of 3 against 2.

This result made Aura Fire advance to the MPL season 9 Playoff round. God1va et al. entitled to fill the Upper Bracket slot and fight ONIC Esports on April 22, 2022.

This defeat made Bigetron Alpha have to go home first and could not advance to the next Play-off round. This result repeats the memory in the previous MPL Season playoffs.

BTR Alpha at that time had to go home after losing 1 vs 3 to Alter Ego. The Aura Fire roster and heroes in the first game are FaceHugger (Angela), Fluffy (Baxia), Kabuki (Fanny), High (WanWan) and God1va (Kadita).

While the BTR formation in the first game is Renbo (Xavier), Xorizo ​​(X-Borg), Matt (Beatrix), Maxx (Lancelot), and Kyy (Khufra). Aura Fire played aggressively in the first game.

Kabuki, known as the Gold Laner, has switched positions and become a Jungler by relying on Hero Fanny. Aura Fire leads 4 vs 3 in the 12th minute. Both teams didn’t make many kills and played objectively. Aura Fire continues to press from early game to mid game.

Despite continuing to be under pressure by BTR to be able to make a comeback in the late game, he returned at the end of the game. Matt with his Beatrix hero has high damage, so he can annoy their opponents.

The fall of three Aura Fire heroes in the 20th minute had a very bad effect on the Fire Dragon team. Kabuki, who tried to seize Lord was also taken down. BTR in attack with Lord won the first match by a score of 13 vs 5.

Aura Fire did not want to repeat mistakes and played more organized in the second game. Fluffy’s slick game with Dyrroth’s hero makes Aura Fire dominate from the mid game to late-game matches. Aura Fire equalized the score and decided to win the second game by a score of 15 against 4 in the second game.

Score 1 vs 1 makes the third game even tighter. A score of 5 vs 4 became a slight advantage for the Aura Fire team. The combo of Baxia and Hilda heroes from Aura Fire was able to make BTR’s front line depressed.

Facehugger with his Ultimate hero Xavier makes the BTR formation a mess. BTR who lost the war in the lower lane had to lose three heroes at once. Under pressure, Aura Fire won the third match with a score of 11 against 10 in the 16th minute.

Winning 2 vs 1, Team Aura Fire only needs one more win to advance to the next round. Unfortunately, Matt’s extraordinary play with his Lancelot held back Aura Fire.

Playing fiercely in the early to mid game, Aura Fire was missed in the late game. The Lord’s attack and minion’s run in the 14th minute destroys all of Aura Fire’s base turrets.

BTR Alpha secured the fourth game with a score of 9 vs 6. The game score of 2 vs 2 made the winner determined in the fifth game. High’s aggressive game with Baxia Jungler managed to suppress BTR Alpha in the early to mid-game matches. Aura Fire led 11:4 in the 15th minute.

High’s KDA Baxia record was quite good at that minute, namely 3/0/5. The fall of Matt in the 21st minute became a frightening specter for Bigetron. like the domino effect, Maxx and Kyy were also taken down in the upper lane

One straight push from Aura Fire was able to win the fifth game with a score of 18 vs 6. The 3 vs 2 victory against Bigetron gave Aura Fire the right to challenge ONIC Esports in the upcoming Upper Bracket match. That’s the result of the Aura Fire vs Bigetron match in the 9th MPL playoff season. Who is your favorite Mobile Legends eSports team?

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