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Best Shenhe Weapon Recommendations - Genshin Impact

A successful play-through of Genshin Impact requires three things: strong characters, a great team, and an incredible choice of weapons.

When playing with Shenhe, the number of best weapons is very limited and access to each one depends on factors such as loot drops, upgrades, and even game passes.

However, there are good weapons for Shenhe ranging from three stars to five stars with strong base attack stats, all of which have their own perks (such as energy recharge) and bonuses for him and his teammates.

In this article, we will provide recommendations regarding some of the best weapons suitable for Shenhe, ranging from The Catch, Skyward Spine, to The Calamity Queller. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it below.

5. The Catch

This four-star polearm resembles a trident, physically standing out from all the other weapons recommended for Shenhe. The Shanty skill he gives increases burst damage by 16%, and critical hits by 6%.

Catch is generally recommended for use with Shenhe (among other characters) by players due to its ease of access (free) and use.

This weapon also features Energy Recharge as a secondary stat, which helps to maintain consistent strength in battle.

4. Vortex Vanquisher

Another Polearm weapon, this one is five star rated. Comes with bonus stats attack, 46 base attack, 10.8% secondary attack, and increases the player’s shield strength by 20%.

When the player hits the enemy, Shenhe’s attack will increase by 4% for an eight-second interval, and it can be stacked up to five times during the fight.

As long as Shenhe is protected by shiel, he will also get a 100% increase in attack bonus. The Vortex Vanquisher is one of Shenhe’s best weapons that you shouldn’t miss.

3. Skyward Spine

This five-star weapon can increase Shenhe’s crit rate by 8% and his normal attack speed by 12%. You will also see that Shenhe’s normal attacks and charges get a 50% chance to trigger the Vacuum Blade as long as the attack is connected to the enemy target.

When this happens, he will deal 40% of the attack damage in a small area of ​​effect (AoE). The Skyward Spine is an impressive weapon that can increase Shenhe’s effectiveness in battle.

2. Engulfing Lightning

With a base attack of between 46 and 608, this five-star Polearm is a top choice for characters with strong elemental bursts, like Shenhe.

This weapon also offers an Energy Recharge bonus of 12% to 55.1%, helping recover from attacks to deal more damage. His special passive is called ‘Timeless Dream: Eternal Stove’, which increases Shenhe’s attack power when used.

If you use his elemental burst, Engulfing Lightning will also give him additional Energy Recharge for 12 seconds after that, giving a shorter period of inactivity or less attack damage.

1. Calamity Queller

Made of crystal, this weapon was released with Shenhe, implying its compatibility is more by design than coincidence.

You will see that this Calamity Queller plays recommended for Shenhe. With bonus attack increasing between 3.6% and 16.5% and base attack ranging from 49 to 741, this five-star Polearm will increase Shenhe in any team composition you place.

The weapon will also increase the elemental damage of all teammates with its passive ability called ‘Extinguishing Sila’, making it a welcome addition.

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