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Benny Magic Chess, Favorite Commander in Tier Grandmaster Until Epic

Moonton doesn’t seem to want to lose fans of the Mobile Legends game. Proven, developer games this one often does updates so that Mobile Legends remains the number one choice for mobile MOBA concept games, including in Indonesia. Updates this time is a new concept game mode idle games, that is magic chess.

Since it was officially launched globally in March 2022, magic chess again managed to attract the attention of game lovers, especially Mobile Legends. Easy way to play, unique game arena and emergence commander with cute shapes—one of them Benny magic chess—becomes the main attraction of magic chess this.

Until last March, there have been 15 characters commander which has been released by Moonton and you can see it on shop. Yes, you have to buy using battle points or diamonds to be able to use commander. However, don’t be sad because Moonton gave you one commander for free when you just start playing magic chess. her name commander Harper.

Apart from the cute shape, like Harper, everything commander has three unique and cool super abilities. Each of these abilities will definitely play a role in the game, determining whether you can win or not. However, you need a strategy to maximize each skills this.

For example, you have to keep improving experience from commander that you use so that all skills what you have you can use. Yes, the three abilities can’t be used immediately because there are levels. Then, you also need to recognize the abilities of other Mobile Legends heroes to create synergies so you can win continuously.

Benny Magic ChessFavorite in Tier Grandmaster Until Epic

how to use benny magic chess

The uniqueness of each commander What Moonton releases is not only on the abilities it has, but also the shape of the character which is very funny and unique. Call it Benny, commander magic chess which has a shape similar to a panther animal with a purplish color. Commander This one has a scratch on his left eye.

Commander Benny magic chess is the right choice for those of you who want to play with concepts range alias remotely while still collecting coffers gold. You can also use commander Benny the Panther when you’re in rank Grandmaster to Epic. Yes, Benny did become commander favorite on tier the.

Skill Commander Benny Magic Chess

skill benny magic chess

Then, why commander Benny is the right choice to play long distance and win at rank Grandmaster to Epic? This is because skills it has, namely:

  1. Level 1: Freezing Trap. Skills Benny magic chess In this first level, the impact will be immediately visible from the beginning of the game. During the preparation phase, freezing trap these will be paired in the center of the board. Skills this will give effect later freeze on the opposing team’s Mobile Legends hero when moving closer.
  2. Level 2: King of Beasts. Up to the next level, you can test your abilities King of Beasts which are owned Benny magic chess. Every time you go through round creeps, commander Benny will call later creeps strongest of all round was to join the team.
  3. Level 3: Hunter’s Instinct. Ability commander Benny at this level 3 can be said to be upgrade from skills The first. During the preparatory phase, copy trap will be placed in the middle of the board later the result copy from the affected opposing team trap will be added to the deck.

Simply put, Benny has an ability that can help make an impact stunts on heroes on the opposing team. Temporary skills level 3 of commander Benny is very effective atcopy opposing team heroes. In fact, if you are lucky, the hero who has succeededcopy you can use this to-upgrade your hero star or you can sell it to get gold addition.

However, one thing you need to pay attention to, try to be able to survive until the end of the game or late games. Because the ability commander Benny will be very useful at that phase. So, don’t lose, okay!

How to Use Commander Benny in Magic Chess

commander benny magic chess

It’s true, choosing commander to play magic chesa must be thought out carefully. Because you have to use commander the right one to synergize with Mobile Legends heroes in order to win in the game. Benny magic chess Of course it can be a consideration, here’s how to use Si Panther that you can try:

  1. Try to use commander another for starters. Commander others, including commander Harper, have skills qualified that you can use to win games. You can also consider buying commander Abe who has cool tactical abilities or commander Eva with her synergy ability.
  2. Next, buy commander You can get commander Benny di magic chess shop for 24000 BP (battle points). Remember, you can’t exchange or return commander already purchased, so consider it carefully.
  3. When you buy commander Benny, you can immediately use skills level 1. Try placing freezing trap to the point that most of the enemy heroes will attack. This level 1 ability is more impactful if you use the synergy of Assassin, Marksman, or Mage.
  4. Level up, wear skills Try using this skill with the synergy of Weapon Master, Celestial, and Wrestler.
  5. Take advantage of level 3 abilities with the synergy of Marksman, Mage, and Weapon Master.
  6. Make sure you know the position commander Benny properly because the skill The Panther relied on timing right.
  7. Improve his abilities with synergy. Some synergies can give good results for game wins, so make sure you focus on line up Even so, don’t forget to also pay attention to your hero.

Turns out, ability Benny magic chess very unique and tempting, huh? So, don’t let you don’t have commander it’s in the team. If your BP is not enough, you can top up diamonds to buy commander Benny. Top up only in trusted places, such as UniPin to avoid price scams diamonds inexpensive. Have a nice play!

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