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Before the match, learn the following tips for playing Martis Mobile Legend

Each hero usually has its own characteristics. To play it, the first thing you have to know is what are the advantages, disadvantages, and skills which are owned. Next, you can choose build the right item and looking for tips to play it.

One of the most played Mobile Legend heroes is Martis. If you want to know complete information about Martis Mobile Legend, the following article will provide a review starting from the background to GG tips on using the hero Martis. Listen, come on!

The Story of Martis ML, the Half-God Hero

martis mobile legends story

Martis Mobile Legends story starting from the Shura clan, which is a clan known to have men with brave souls around the world. That said, this clan has a legend about the Three Thousand Worlds, a secret world with high power so it is not easy to enter it.

For anyone who sets foot in the Three Thousand World, he will receive various levels of physical examination. Those who manage to deal with it will be awarded the title as Ashura which means demigod.

Until now no one has succeeded in conquering the Three Thousand Worlds, until one day the figure of Martis came. With great determination, he trains every day to become stronger.

It took a long time to conquer all the challenges in the Three Thousand World. At one point, Martis felt lost and hopeless. Even so, he was reluctant to give up. In the end, Martis managed to fight the last demon in the Three Thousand Worlds and earned himself the title of Ashura. Now, Martis is known as King Ashura and leads millions of aspiring Ashuras.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Martis ML

martis mobile legends skin

For those of you who want to use the hero Martis, check the advantages and disadvantages below. Who knows it can help.


  1. Blessing skills 2 of his, Martis became a Mobile Legends hero who immune against all crowd control and damage.
  2. One more advantage provided skills 2 is Martis can do four times blink.
  3. Have attack speed height makes this one hero able to give farming, critical damage, to destroy the turret and the opponent quickly.
  4. Own crowd control skills turn off
  5. Including fighter heroes offlaner best


  1. Depend on gear to win
  2. Weak against heroes marksman like Roger and Clint
  3. Mobility skills-it’s pretty bad.
  4. HP hero Martis is very thin. If hit burst damagehe could die immediately if he didn’t run away quickly.

Skills and Build Martis Mobile Legend

martis mobile legends skill

Skills is the innate strength of each hero, while build is an additional attribute that you can use to improve Martis’ performance.

Martis Mobile Legend Skills

1. Passive Skill: Ashura’s Wrath

Gives additional 30% attack speed a maximum of 120% which can last for 4 seconds.

2. Skill 1: Ashura Aura

Martis’s Ashura’s Teeth will pull enemies into a fan-shaped area and deal 350(+130%) physical attack) physical damage plus 40% slow effect for 2 seconds to enemies.

3. Skill 2: Mortal Coil

Skills it works to give 150(+70% total physical attack) physical damage and effects knock-back. When used for a short time skills it will attack the enemy with 200(+150% extra physical attack) physical damage along with effects knock-up.

Not only that, another impact of using skills 2 is Martis will be immune from the effects crowd control and can minimize damage received as much as 60%.

4. Ultimate Skill: Decimate

Decimate will give 650(+100% total physical attack) physical damage. Luckily again, if the enemy’s HP is less than 50%, the target will receive true damage addition.

If the target is killed with skills In this case, Martis gets a chance to use Decimate for 10 seconds plus 100%. movement speed for 5 seconds in return.

Martis Mobile Legend Build Items

1. Warrior Boots

This item is suitable for fighting enemies who often rely on physical attack. Regarding attributes, Warrior Boots gives +40 movement speed and +20 physical defense. As for the passive ability of Warrior Boots, Martis will receive physical defense 5-25 points each time receiving an attack. This effect can last for 3 seconds.

2. Wings of Apocalypse Queen

Wings of Apocalyse Queen is able to provide a large max HP complete with additional cooldown reduction. Meanwhile, through this item Martis can get defense and lifesteal addition.

3. Endless Battle

This one item is able to provide complete attributes, such as +5 mana regen, +65 physical attack+10% cooldown reduction+250 HP, +15% physical lifestealand +5% movement speed. In addition, Endless Battle will add true damage for the opponent.

4. Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax is reliable if you want to get spell High vamp. Not only that, this item also gives +70 physical attack and +10% cooldown reduction.

5. Blade of Despair

Add +160 physical attack+5% movement speedand raise physical damage 25% for 2 seconds if you attack an enemy with HP below 50%.

Guide to Using Hero Martis

martis mobile legends build

Everyone must have a dream to win every match he participates in. If you want to win with the hero Martis, follow these guidelines.

  1. Hero Martis is known to be weak when early game. To finish the game quickly, try to do jungling.
  2. Use skills 1 as an opening attack. Don’t rush to use skills 2 because it is too difficult to control.
  3. Let’s have more control skills 2, do regular exercises in order to get the best calculation and position when using skills 2.
  4. Combine skills 1 > skills 2 > basic attack > skills ultimate

This is the latest information about Martis Mobile Legend 2022, ML hero with abilities that trouble enemies. Hopefully the information above can help you find out how Martis is in the world of Mobile Legends.

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