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Because of DDoS, Among Us can't be played since 3 days ago

Although it no longer creates a sensation, the guessing game for criminals Among Us is still quite busy being played on various platforms.

So it’s not surprising that players in Europe and North America panicked when they couldn’t play the game since 3 days ago.

The Among Us server itself was reportedly hit by a DDoS attack on March 24 (March 25, Indonesian time). And developer InnerSloth also reported that European and North American servers were hit.

3 days have passed, and the Among Us server has not been active again. InnerSloth also gave news that they are working to fix the attack.

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Among Us | Innerslot

In their tweet on Twitter, they also informed the players that their server was still on and off but they promised to inform them as soon as it stabilized.

The Among Us Twitter account itself seems to be trying to entertain players who haven’t been able to play the game since 2-3 days ago.

Fortunately, Among Us fans want to understand the problems the developer is currently facing. Moreover, the attack occurred on a weekend which should be a holiday for developers.

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