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BattleCat, Ubisoft's New Game Combines Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon

This week is the day that Ubisoft Forward and E3 2022 officially take place. Of course, Ubisoft has prepared various announcements to fill the presentation session they will do on June 13th.

There are several names that they have confirmed will attend the annual event such as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, Beyond Good and Evil 2 to Skull & Bones.

The newest game from Ubisoft – BattleCat

However, there are some fans who also hope that Assassin’s Creed will also join in on the announcement. Moreover, last year there were rumors saying that Ubisoft had started developing a new series.

Approaching the presentation day, now the latest game leaks from Ubisoft have appeared. Not from a well-known IP, but a new IP which they named BattleCat. This leak was discovered by a Twitter user named Zer0Bytes.

Have Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon elements

Battlecat New Game From Ubisoft A Combination Of Splinter Cell And Ghost Recon
Ubisoft Games | Gameszico

Through his Twitter account, he shared a screenshot of Ubisoft’s internal marketing confirming that they still have a new game codenamed BattleCat. According to information, this game will carry the FPS PVP theme for consoles and PCs.

Not only that, this news is also agreed by VGC. According to their report, Ubisoft will most likely announce BattleCat via Ubisoft Forward this week. Furthermore, BattleCat is said to be a game that combines elements from Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon.

There have been several leaked information related to BattleCat that was revealed. As each character will have their own strengths such as additional armor, stealth radar, and much more.

In addition, BattleCat will also have several new modes that may not exist in other FPS games. Regardless, this is just a rumor at the moment. There has been no confirmation from Ubisoft itself regarding this.

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