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Basara 2 Heroes PS2 Cheats in Indonesian

When we talk about the golden age of gaming, maybe a decade ago is the answer. At that time, we can find various games with various genres and leave their own memories until now.

Not a few fans even still play the game that was launched a decade ago. Memories of these games are certainly quite difficult to erase. Especially when the game is quite special when played.

One of the games with the biggest fan base since long time ago is of course Basara 2 Heroes. It’s true, the game that was launched in 2006 is still very popular and is played by everyone.

This game made by Capcom was first launched on PS2 and Wii at that time. Very exciting gameplay with a slick storyline makes Basara 2 Heroes unforgettable so easily.

In this one game, players can find various challenges and enemies that they must defeat. This not easy challenge is certainly a special feature of Basara 2 Heroes.

Despite all that, there is a fairly easy alternative to completing the challenge. Of course by using a Cheat Code to unlock various features in the game.

This cheat code allows you to unlock various characters to weapons in Basara 2 Heroes. In this article, we will tell you a collection of these cheat codes.

Curious? Basara 2 Heroes PS2 Cheats in Indonesian! Check below.

Basara 2 Heroes PS2 Cheats in Indonesian

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Cheats FeaturesCheat Code
Extreme ModeComplete hard level SORY or CONQUEST MODE missions using any character
Unlock All WeaponsOn the Menu, you have to press L2, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square
Get the Last CharacterX, X, Left, Right, Left, Circle, Circle, Circle
All Characters Level MaxUp, Up, Up, Left, Right, Triangle, Square, Square
Long BloodRight, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left
God ModeHold down R1 + R2, and press X, Triangle, Square, Square, X, Circle, Circle, Circle
One KillUp, Down, R1, Up, Left, Right, Down, R1
Using Secret Character TricksUp, Up, Up, Right, Square, Down, Down

Now, That’s the Basara 2 Heroes PS2 Cheat in Indonesian. At the time of this writing, the cheat codes that we provide above are 100% free for you to use. You don’t need to worry, using Cheats in Basara 2 Heroes is a allowed action.

We will continue to strive to provide you with a collection of PS2 Cheats for different games. For those of you who are looking for other PS2 Cheats, you can visit the link that we provide below.

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