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Bang Dreams! Announces New Band Named "Morfonica"

This rhythm type mobile game has become one of the most downloaded games on both Android and iOS. Now the game features a new band called Morphonicacurious what the character of the band looks like Morphonica? let’s look at the article below.

Bushi Road as a game developer Bang Dream show view of Morphonica both 3D and 2D, Here are the five members:

  • Vn. Ayasa (as Rui Yashio)
  • Ba. Yuuka Nishio (as Nanami Hiromachi)
  • Vo. Amane Shindou (as Mashiro Kurata)
  • Dr. mika (as Tsukushi Futaba)
  • Gt. Hina Suguta (as Tōko Kirigaya)

Morofica is the seventh band that will be present in the game Bang Dream!, The band plans to follow their debut after Raise a Suillen.

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