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Aura High Says Not Satisfied Even If His Team Enters MPL S9 Playoffs Games

Aura High wants to meet EVOS Legends in the MPL Season 9 Playoffs.

After winning the 2022 Esports President’s Cup, Aura Fire has become a team that cannot be underestimated this season. Even though he has entered the 9th MPL playoff round, one of the Aura Fire players, namely High, admits that he is not satisfied.

The jungler who once introduced the Karina build Tank hero explained that he felt two things at once. As he struggled for the past eight weeks, he felt between satisfied and dissatisfied

“Satisfied not satisfied. Satisfied with doing the best. I’m not satisfied, I can’t get the Upper Bracket,” said Aura High in an interview session at Week 8.

Please note that the Regular season or regular season lasts for eight weeks. The top six teams have tickets to the playoffs.

The last two teams (7th and 8th place) were eliminated and did not qualify for the playoffs. The first and second positions at the end of the regular season are automatically entered into the Upper Bracket.

The two teams that qualified for the Upper bracket play-off round were RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esports. The other four teams such as Aura Fire, EVOS Legends, Alter Ego and Bigetron Alpha had to fight in the play-ins round. They will try to compete to determine the two best teams that will eventually step into the Upper Bracket.

On the 7th week ago, Aura Fire had a 50 percent chance to penetrate the upper bracket. Unfortunately, the results in week 8 were not very good, so Aura Fire did not have a ticket to the Upper Bracket.

Aura Fire lost 0-2 with Alter Ego and won 2-0 with Rebellion. If the Fire Dragon team can record one win and one loss, ONIC actually won two wins at once.

Sanz et al were able to beat Geek Fam 2 vs 0 and Alter Ego 2 vs 1. These results made Aura Fire fail to get a direct ticket to the Upper Bracket.

Interestingly, High claimed to be interested in fighting EVOS in the Playoffs. “EVOS for the first opponent. Yes, we are sure to win,” said High.

However, the desire to fight EVOS as the first rival did not materialize. Based on the bracket shared by MPL, Aura Fire will face Bigetron as the first opponent in the playoffs. EVOS Legends on the other hand, will meet the Alter Ego.

The Mobile Legends eSports team that loses from this play-ins will fall and immediately lift the suitcase. Seeing the patch that Moonton released recently, Aura Fire is one of the favorite teams in the MPL Season 9 Playoffs phase.

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