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Aura High Responds To The Problem Of First Team Jungle Title He Was Given Games

Aura Fire managed to do their first test in the MPL season 9 playoffs. The contra between Bigetron Alpha was fierce, High and his friends won with a score of 3-2. In addition to winning in the first match of the playoffs, Aura Fire also won the Most Improved Player for Kabuki and First Team Jungler for High.

The First Team Jungler title that was given to High in fact got a lot of attention from fans. Many think that there are players who deserve to win the title despite his good performances this season. In his interview with the media, he also gave answers about his achievements.

“Why do I get this title because… I don’t know either, I really don’t know why I deserve this trophy. This is what decides, not us. From the vote and from Moonton too (MPL Indonesia). So those who see those who value, “ said High.

Kabuki who accompanied High also didn’t know what aspects made his teammate able to get the title of First Team Jungler, just like the status he achieved as Most Impoved Player, Kabuki also didn’t expect to be the winner in that category.

Both of them looked moved when they received the trophy, but for them there was a trophy that was more important, namely the MPL champion. To Kabuki and High, this individual success was just a bonus. Seeing the performance of Aura Fire which has skyrocketed from last season, it seems appropriate that they both get this achievement.

“Efforts do not betray the results,” concluded High. Congratulations on your individual score

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