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Auctioned, BTS Meal Nugget in the Shape of Among Us Sold 1.4 Billion Rupiah

We all know that a Chicken Nugget does have a fairly affordable price. Even so, these nuggets do have a delicious and savory taste because they are fried at the right temperature.

Of course tasting good food like chicken nungget at affordable prices is something special. But have you ever thought that the Nugget was auctioned for up to USD 100 thousand or the equivalent of IDR 1.4 billion?

BTS Meal Package

Auctioned, Bts Meal Nugget in the Shape of Among Us Sold 1.4 Billion Rupiah
Chicken Nuggets | Dexerto

This happens through an auction through the Ebay site. Before that, it was known that the Nugget itself was in the form of a character in Among Us. For those of you who don’t know, Among Us itself was first launched in 2022.

But it just boomed around the world in 2022. Until now, Among Us still has the largest active community in the world. The nugget auction in the form of Among Us itself began when someone visited McDonald’s.

Among Us shaped chicken nuggets

He aims to take the BTS edition food and finds a Nugget in the form of Among Us inside. The Among Us-shaped chicken bite has been discovered and listed on eBay. Within days, the bid exceeded USD 50,000.

But it didn’t stop there, now the bid has exceeded USD 100 thousand, double from the previous few days. The auction itself was stopped on June 4, and was successfully sold at USD 100 thousand.

Apart from that, BTS Meal is a special package of collaboration between MCDonald’s and BTS which is available in 49 countries around the world, including Indonesia and will be available on June 9th.

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sources: Dexerto

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