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Atlantica Online "Born" Again With More Competitive and Exciting Adventure!

Atlantica Online is a fantasy-themed strategy MMORPG game. Nonetheless, the game uses real-world geography. Atlantica presents an interesting storyline that is supported soundtrack solid and content updates. The game implements separate zones that allow players to explore areas, avoid monsters, and search for new heroes.

Atlantica Online at a Glance

atlantica online valofe
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Atlantica online Valofe offers a turn-based combat action game with a large selection of heroes, various equipment, levels, abilities and missions to complete. This 3D strategy MMORPG game is very creative because it focuses on PvP. This game is perfect for fans gameplay alternative or tactical history. Apart from turn-based combat, Atlantica also lets you set up free markets, create crafts, participate in various events, and choose weapons according to your playstyle.

Despite its high popularity, game service Atlantica Online was dismissed by Gemscool. However, it was back on air in 2022 before finally closing permanently on October 29, 2022 along with the withdrawal publisher Gemscool from competitive game portals in Indonesia. On March 24, 2022, LYTOGAME announced the pre-registration of Atlantica Rebirth Indonesia which was well received by its loyal fans.

Difference between Old Version and Rebirth

Atlantica Online Reborn With More Competitive and Exciting Adventure
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Atlantica Rebirth, which was officially released on April 21, 2022, presents an exciting adventure, not much different from the old version. Free system turn based, you have to wait your turn to act, such as moving, defending, or attacking your opponent. This makes Atlantica Rebirth more fun and unique than similar games.

As a player, you will travel six continents plus the continent of Atlantis in the earth version. The entire continent is filled with a wonderful mix of history, culture and mythology. After download Atlantica online, you have to create a character. There are three races that you can choose from, namely Atlantis, Descendants of Atlantis, and Heroes with six faces, six hairstyles, and three hair colors for each character.

Class is determined by the weapon you use. The Atlantean race has a Blademaster, a Battlemage, and a Stormcaller. While the descendants of Atlantis can use swords, spears, bows, axes, cannons, weapons, instruments (rocking guitars), and sticks with the additional class, Maniac which will be unlocked upon reaching level 100. Race Heroes can become Heavenly Hunters from level 30.

Basically, how to play Atlantica online no different from other MMORPG games. You have to create a character, choose weapons, devise strategies, and complete missions. At the beginning of the game, you will get lots of gifts from other players who are part of the mission itself. Make sure to open the note regularly because it contains information about when you can join a guild, incoming messages from other players, and item sales and purchase notifications.

For beginners, you can ask other players to be mentors and give you directions about the game. Meanwhile, players who have qualified abilities can register as mentors for a fee in the form of coins. To maximize exp and craft bookalways try to be in mode party (group). If you don’t find the right mentor, you can use it chat box to ask any other player anything.

In this game, experience is very important. Therefore, do various ways to increase exp quickly. One way is to give gifts to new players. Make sure not to leave the character in the middle of the city or a location close to the appearance of monsters, including attack events. Leaving the character in a dangerous place and leading to the death of the character itself. In addition, you will also lose a lot of gold coins. Try to save gold coins in the bank and make it a habit to carry gold coins as needed when you want to hunt monsters.

Characters and Combat System

how to play atlantica online
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In accordance with the commitment of LYTOGAME and Valofe who want to present exciting and competitive game content, Atlantica Rebirth offers a number of characters that you can choose. Starting from armed with a magic wand (Mago), chainsaw (Berserker), spear (Dragon), sword (Knight), melee attack weapon (Reaver), cannon (Bombardier), arrows (Marksman), firearm (Rifleman), stick (Atlantian Battle Mage), two-handed sword (Atlantian Bladermaster), whip (Stromcaller), and ranged arrow (Celestial Hunter). Although there are slight differences in characters from the old Atlantica, the combat system remains the same.

You can hire mercenaries to make it easier for you to create a team that can respond to threats at any time. With the mercenary system, you can think tactically how to deal with threats and increase your level at the same time. Interestingly, the level of the mercenaries will increase in the same way as the main character, namely through battles and experience. You can dive into the depths of Atlantica by choosing a specialization or multiple skills.

As previously explained, in this game you will not find vendors because you yourself have to move the economy by trading. When you need an item, you have to negotiate with other players or make it yourself. Speaking of crafts, there are dozens of craft professions available. Starting from making tools, bullets, pants, helmets, talismans, to fishing tools.


Atlantica Rebirth is here to bring you back to enjoying exciting adventures on seven continents. You can choose a character with a mainstay weapon that can help defeat your opponent and gain experience. Hone your crafting skills that you can sell to earn gold coins or barter items with other players. Although improvements have not been maximized, there are quite a few bugs that make the game a little disturbed. However, apart from that, Atlantica Rebirth is a fun game that can hone your planning skills and tactics to work together.

That’s a brief review Atlantica Online which will make it easier for you to understand and enjoy the game. For those of you who need additional gold coins to buy equipment or other important items, be sure to fill in the credit or game vouchers and diamonds through UniPin.

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