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As an RPG Game, Bandai Namco Announces One Piece Odyssey

Recently, One Piece has become a hot topic for fans around the world. Even had become trending on Twitter in recent weeks. Not without reason, this is because of the latest chapter of the manga.

Which revealed various information that made the fans excited. Now, One Piece is more than 2 decades old. During this time, One Piece has managed to sell at least 500 million copies worldwide.

Bandai Namco Announce One Piece Odyssey

So Bandai Namco's Rpg Game Announces One Piece Odyssey
One Piece Odyssey | Gamespot

The success of Anime, Manga and One Piece Movies is no longer in doubt. However, this does not apply to video game adaptations. It’s true, some One Piece games that have been launched previously ended up disappointing.

Although not as a whole, but the fans certainly need a game with the best quality. Maybe we can find hope like this through One Piece Odyssey. That’s right, the new series of this franchise has been officially announced.

Become an RPG game

Via account Twitter, Bandai Namco officially announced the presence of One Piece Odyssey. This announcement comes with the first 4 screenshots of the game. Not much information we can get from this announcement.

However, it has been confirmed that One Piece Odyssey will carry an RPG theme. There is no information about the release date until which platform this game will be available. The latest information may be announced in the near future.

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