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Are you ready? Clash Of Clans (COC) Will Update Town Hall Level 13

Clash of Clans is a game that was famous in its time, namely in Indonesia. In fact, to this day there are still many players who still play the game. But did you know that there are unique facts in the following Clash Of Clans!

Clash of Clans or what is often abbreviated as COC is a simulation game and also a Real Time game that is designed for strategy games. This game has also been a favorite game in the past. Players can make their village more developed and successful by taking treasures from opposing villages.

Clash Of Clans is a game with a strategy genre made by Suppercell, and the developer keeps updating the game until now so that it is still popular even though it has been rated several times by other games. Even now Supercell is a big update for the players. Here’s one of the interesting and very exciting things from the update later, namely Town Hall level 13.

Quoted on Dot Esports to be able to upgrade to Town Hall level 13, players must first get to Town Hall 12, players must also reach the Max Giga Tesla level. The theme of Town Hall level 13 is “Dark Elixir and Ice /”, so Supercell seems to be giving a darker and snowy impression in the next update. This Level 13 Town Hall can also penetrate and attack enemy troops using the “Giga Inferno” weapon. Not only that, this update also features several buildings such as Siege Barracks and Scattershot.

Latest CoC Hero update yeri 2020

There are also 2 new Hero Characters presented in this update, namely Yeti and also The Royal Champion. Of course this will also be a very big update and also very encouraging for Clash of Clans players around the world.

In addition to upgrading Town Hall level 13, the update will also present 2 new heroes, namely The Royal Champion and Yeti. Of course this will also be a very big update and can also be exciting for Clash Of Clans players. As usual, every player increases the Town Hall level, there will be some new features that appear.

Until now the latest update for Clash Of Clans has been shown several times and players can see the changes that are presented and also upgrade their base later.

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