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Anshar Studios Shows Gameplay from Gamedec

Gamedec finally shows its newest gameplay

A few months ago one of the developers from Katowice, Poland, Anshar Studios, announced the presence of a new RPG game with the theme of Futuristic Cyberpunk, Gamedec.

The game developed by Anshar Studios can be called as a combination of Cyberpunk 2077 and Disco Elysium, where Gamedec comes with a futuristic feel but has an RPG genre with an isometric point of view.

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Recently, Anshar Studios has officially shown the gameplay of Gamedec through its latest trailer. In the trailer, it appears that this game has a pretty good visual appearance and is pleasing to the eye.

In gamedec, you will play as a detective to investigate cases that occurred in the 22nd century both in the real and virtual world.

They are currently opening a page on Kickstarter so that fans who are interested in trying this game early can buy the game.

Until now, there is still no clarity from Anshar Studios as the developer regarding the game he developed when exactly it will be launched. However, they plan to release it this year on PC, with the beta period starting between April-June 2022.

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