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Amazon Game Studios Boss Finally Resigns

At the time of its birth, publisher Amazon Games thrived under the leadership of Michael Frazzini. But unfortunately after 13 years at Amazon Games, the boss now has to step down.

Reported by Bloomberg, through its official announcement, Amazon announced that Frazzini is now leaving Amazon Games Studios in order to focus more on his family.

“Mike was there in the early days of Amazon Games, and his leadership and leadership in helping to build the game business from the ground up,” said an official statement from Amazon Games.

Amazon Games also said their recent success with New World and Lost Ark was the result of the long-term effort and vision that Frazzini helped build.

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Lastly, Amazon Games is also very grateful for Frazzini’s contribution, and wishes the former chairman all the best.

New World | Amazon

In total, Frazzini has served Amazon for 18 years. Prior to joining Amazon Games, he was the director of author services at Amazon.

Amazon Games itself has a long way to go before gaining its first success with their original MMO game, New World.

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