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Alter Ego beat Aura Fire 2-0 in MPL ID Season 9 Games

MPL ID S9 match Friday 8 April 2022, started with a slow fight between Alter Ego and Aura Fire.

Both teams seemed to be playing carefully, trying not to be picked off by the opposing team and concentrating on completing objectives by attacking the map area.

From the start of the game, the Alter Ego team consisting of Pai, Nino, Leomurphy, Celiboy and Udil and Aura Fire was very even.

Despite playing more carefully, the two teams still tried to be able to pick off opposing players during team fights or roaming in the jungler area.

Within 20 minutes, Alter Ego and Aura Fire collect the same number of kills, which is 10-10.

Running fiercely, Aura Fire consisting of Facehugger, Hight, God1va, Kabuki, and Fluffy made several blunders.

Trying to pick off the Alter Ego players, it turns out that Pai et al can anticipate the actions of God1va et al who are trying to play aggressively.

In order to be provoked into the trap area, the Alter Ego Player must fall several times because it is too “lustful” to remove one of the players from the Alter Ego.

Thanks to their success in countering the Aura Fire attack during the team fight, the Alter Ego players turned things around by overthrowing Kabuki et al.

Alter Ego took advantage of this opportunity and rushed to base and won the first round.

In this first round of battle, Celiboy became a key player with damage support when the team fight with Ling hero managed to defeat 3 Aura Fire players at once in the MPL ID S9 match.

Alter Ego Sweep Aura Fire 2-0

Alter Ego opened the game well in the second half and tried not to rush it.

With a win in the first half Alter Ego feels Confident,. However, both teams played with discipline by reciprocating attacks and trying to pick off opponents in turn

Entering the mid game, it seems that Aura Fire’s defeat in the first round had a major impact on the strategy of Facehugger et al.

It can be seen that the number of kills of Aura Fire seems to be far behind Alter Ego with a score of 15-23. However, in terms of net worth, both teams look very competitive.

Celiboy et al had a golden opportunity to suppress Aura Fire when they succeeded in ejecting Fluffy and High from the land of dawn.

With only two players left, Aura Fire decided to withdraw them and try to stay in the base. However, the Alter Ego didn’t want to let go of this opportunity.

Udil et al decided to push into the Aura Fire base and forced the two teams to have a team fight which was won by Alter Ego after defeating 3 opponents.

After that, Alter Ego was finally able to destroy the base and managed to win two rounds simultaneously with 2-0 over Aura Fire.

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