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All Games on Steam Deck Translucent 30fps

Who would have thought that Valve would also be interested in getting into the handheld console market? Of course not. This month was the month that Valve announced their first console – the Steam Deck.

That’s right, it doesn’t come from Nintendo, Sony or Xbox, but Valve as the owner of Steam. No one thought that they would make a new breakthrough through the Steam Deck.

Valve’s handheld console

Valve All Games On Steam Deck Reach 30fps
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The thirst of fans for the Nintendo Switch Pro can no longer be contained at this time. However, Nintendo is still reluctant to announce the presence of the latest version of the Switch itself.

Luckily now Valve has come to the fore and gives a hope to fans through the Steam Deck. What Steam is trying to offer through their handheld console is also quite promising.

Where it allows players to be able to play all the games available on Steam very easily. That’s right, you can play these games anywhere, because this console is designed to do just that.

Steam Deck games can run at 30fps

Despite all that, is the Steam Deck really able to do this? Especially to play all PC games smoothly. You certainly don’t need to worry about this, at least according to a confirmation from Valve recently.

Pierre-Loup Griffais as one of Valve’s coders said that their internal testing ensures that the Steam Deck can consistently touch 30fps or even exceed it.

But unfortunately, there are no further details regarding this test. Together with this,

Griffais also confirmed that there will be a built-in FPS limiter on Steam Deck later to provide options for gamers who prefer performance or battery. You can now pre-order if you are interested in owning Valve’s console now.

Steam Deck itself is planned to be officially launched in December 2022. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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