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Aldean Tegar says RRQ is the only “Most Consistent” team Games

After successfully winning in MPL ID Season 9, RRQ Hoshi’s performance is indeed endless for many parties to discuss.

The reason is, the team put on a very good performance, leaving only 1 defeat during the tournament, very few defeats when compared to other teams.

In addition, yesterday’s victory also proved its dominance in MPL ID history with the team that won 4 tournament titles.

On the other hand, the consistency shown by RRQ Hoshi also received positive comments from Aldean Tegar, one of the most important figures in the EVOS Legends camp.

What is Mas Dean’s comment about RRQ Hoshi?

Through a live stream, Mas Dean shared his views on how RRQ Hoshi always reaches the MPL ID final.

According to him, RRQ Hoshi is a team with very high consistency and it is not surprising that they always perform well in every match.

In addition, Mas Dean also said that RRQ Hoshi is also a solid team coupled with the excellent quality of each player.

“In my opinion, RRQ is one of the teams that is really consistent with the quality of the players and they have goals. I see this RRQ team is a very solid team, with their brilliant performances. No matter who the coach is, they are consistent.” Obviously Mr Dean

“Even our coach from EVOS said that his SEA Games dream team is RRQ Hoshi. That doesn’t mean you don’t believe in your own team, it’s just that from the outside you can see the quality of the players or there are goals being pursued. And from what I see RRQ will always remain consistent, until maybe they win the M-Series.” Mas Dean said further.

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