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Absent from MPL Season 9, RRQ Xin Retires from Pro Scene? Games

If he is no longer good at it, he will only consider plans to retire

After often defending RRQ Hoshi, Xin decided to take a break in Season 9 of MPL. Xin’s decision to take a break has sparked many mixed reactions and questions about the Manado pro player’s retirement plans.

This question about Xin’s retirement plan was asked by a fan in a live stream on YouTube some time ago. Responding to the question, Xin admitted that he might retire in the next 2 to 3 years.

In addition, Xin said that he would only consider retirement plans if he was no longer good at it. Even so, currently he is still able to compete with all the gold laners in the pro scene.

“It’s still a long time guys, maybe 2 or 3 years guys. Or maybe if you’re really not good at it, new. Now, I can compete with all the goldlanes,” said Xin.

Previously, Xin admitted personally that he had not decided to take a break from MPL season 9.

I didn’t make the decision to take a break, (Xin) was given a break because I wanted to give this opportunity to MDL,“Xin said in a live stream on NIMO TV some time ago.

Before finally taking a break, Xin brought RRQ Hoshi to the MPL Season 8 grand final against ONIC. Despite losing, he and the king’s team managed to advance to the M3 World Championship.

In the end, Xin decided to take a break in MPL Season 9, he still couldn’t confirm the possibility of him returning to the Mobile Legends pro scene together with RRQ Hoshi

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