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99+ Free ML Sultan Accounts 2022

Free ML Sultan Account

Free ML Sultan Account – ML is a MOBA game that is very popular with many people from children to adults.

Do you know what is meant by the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, which is a game played by 2 teams, each team consisting of 5 people.

The two teams above will fight each other to be able to destroy all the turret guard towers, which are owned by both teams in order to get a victory.

Each team must have members with different roles, depending on what Role Hero is used by each of your members.

In addition, each of the heroes above has a variety of Hero Skins, ranging from ordinary skin, elite, season, collector, starlight, epick, and legends.

But to get various kinds of Hero skins, you have to buy them first in the Shop using diamonds.

So you have to have a large number of diamonds to be able to buy the desired Hero Skin, namely by top up Diamond.

In addition, the Mobile Legends Game has also provided a variety of different Hero Roles, ranging from Tanks, Support, Marksman, Assassins, Fighters, and Mage.

But you can also get Hero Roles and Hero Skins for free, by participating in various Events, Tournaments, or Giveaways.

So on this occasion we have provided several ML sultan accounts that you can have for free and permanently, along with a free ML sultan account.

Free ML Sultan Account

1. Comparison Between Creating an Account and Getting a Free ML Sultan Account

Free ML Sultan Account
Comparison of Creating an Account & Getting a Free ML Sultan Account

Before playing this MOBA Game, you must have or create a Mobile Legends account in 3 different ways, namely through Facebook, Google, and Moonton.

But there is a very big comparison between you creating an ML Account first and getting a free ML Sultan Account. Here’s the comparison:

a. Creating an ML Account

At the start of playing you can only use Free Heroes from the System that has been provided automatically

Does not have various types of Hero skins, be it normal skin, Elite, Season, Collector, Starlight, Special, Epick, legends and only gets 4 kinds of Emblem level 1 of 8 kinds of Emblem.

Get 1 kind of Battle Emote and don’t get Notification Effect, Recall, spawn, and elimination in Gameplay

Have a little Gold Coins and Tickets, and don’t have diamonds, Tiers or Ranked that you get starting from the elite.

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b. Get an ML Sultan Account

Then you can use the various Heroes available in the Shop.

Get a variety of Battle Emotes and get Notification Effects, Recall, Spawn, and Elimination in Gameplay

A very large amount of all Gold Coins, Tickets, and Diamonds, tiers or Ranked that are obtained directly to Mythic.

2. Free ML Sultan Account Collection

Free ML Sultan Account
Free ML Sultan Account Collection

After you understand the comparison between creating an ML account from scratch and getting an ML Sultan account, we will provide you with it.

Below we have provided several ML Sultan accounts that can be used for free, whether it’s logging in via Facebook, Google, or Moonton.

a. Collection of ML Sultan Accounts Free Login Facebook

You can use this first ML Sultan account through a social media login called Facebook.

The following is a free ML sultan account for Facebook login:

1. 01juni1994

2. angel081098

3. fanessa211999

4. 123tasik123

5. putri97

6. dtamel1998

7. leo121998

8. prokill98

9. agesta123

10. salakawahaa

11. syafiqdaniel300

12. bebilahfiska123

13. jajaref02

14. 4bdul4212

15. nugar123

16. caraka2007

17. abbyfarahcavi

18. aankmega23

19. agestri123

20. axeldianputra121@gmail.computradianaxel

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b. ML Sultan Account Collection Free Google Email Login

You can use the second set of ML Sultan accounts through the Application Login called Google.

Here’s the ML sultan account for free google email login:

1. davidmostsoft3

2. coolrick666

3. 123most321

4. johnshadow25

5. 8iamhumanbro6

6. api123

7. 01juni1994

8. abicok

9. mchc Malang

10. yanihandayani01

11. damha123

12. jatijati

13. abbyfarahcavi

14. jajaref02

15. nursyf98

16. betachan97

17. mhanif2022


19. nurhdyt11

20. nolifenogame01

c. Collection of ML Sultan Accounts Free Moonton Account

Furthermore, you can use this third ML account via the Application Login called Monton

The following is a free ML sultan account for Moonton login:

1 vian23

2 040498ka$

3 cogant1129

4 modolsoto

5 pannampu123

6 1234567

7 noahband

8 Rantung123

9 kompasgas

10 lindafirmansyah

11 Learnko123

12 calendar15

13 arief27041991

14 01november1994

15 elizabeth19

16 warpathpro01

17 nella765

18 ilovemetal07

19 alufeed00

20 nissagambus69

The final word

Thus the information that we can provide about the ML sultan above that you can try one by one, hopefully there is one account that you can get.

However, for all ML sultan accounts that we shared above, they cannot be fully used because each account must have taken them.

So if you manage to take it, don’t try to share it with your garden, relatives or relatives.

That’s all our discussion in this article about free ML sultan account. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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