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8 Recommended Android Horror Games

Since games in the form of console known, genre Horror is one that is growing quite rapidly. In addition to triggering adrenaline, genre It also tests the dexterity, strategy and hand speed of the players. Plus the audio visual is adequate, playing games Horror makes players even more motivated to win.

What is an Android Horror Game?

The rapid development of technology makes games which previously could only be played using a TV or PC screen, now it can also be enjoyed via smartphone. Moreover, recently, the operating system used in smartphone more sophisticated and quality.

So even though the media used is smaller, play games through smartphone as exciting as when we play using a PC. This phenomenon, of course, makes producers games innovate. They started to reproduce some games popular so that it can be played through smartphone.

Including games horror themed. Played games horror using smartphone like Android certainly gives a different sensation. Supported by quality audio visuals, we can directly feel the tension and excitement of playing games Android horror.

This genre is the right choice, especially for those of you who are starting to feel bored because they have to spend most of their time at home due to the pandemic. As a recommendation, let’s look at reviews about some of the games the scariest Android horror below.

8 Scariest Android Horror Game Recommendations

1. Curse Breakers

paranormal horror game android

Games This will invite players to explore the haunted house and reveal the hidden secrets in the house. Even though it has a horror theme, you won’t find ghost characters and spirits wandering around here. You will only solve puzzles and puzzles with the help of mysterious psychics.

The concept carried by Curse Breakers tends to be light. But don’t worry about getting bored easily when playing games. Some puzzles will make us think hard and be encouraged to unravel the mysteries that will be known when the game ends.

As games Indonesian Android horror others, Curse Breakers can be obtained for free through the Playstore.

2. Dead Trigger 2

android horror games

After the success of Dead Trigger 1, Madfinger Games launched the second series games best Android horror this. Like its predecessor, the second series invites players to fight zombies equipped with various weapons ranging from swords to rifles.

The best part of Dead Trigger 2 is when players have to fight dozens of zombies with fast motion and spooky visuals. This of course can trigger adrenaline so that we feel challenged to finish the game to the end.

3. Sophie’s Curse

sophies curse android game

One of games Android horror which can be played online offline It tells the story of an adventure in a spooky hospital. For those who are easily shocked, you should be careful when playing Sophie’s Curse because in some parts there are jumpscare scary.

On Play Store, rating Sophie’s Curse is quite good, which is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Supported by attractive visuals and gripping audio, don’t be surprised if games this includes some games Android is the most played horror genre.

4. The Walking Dead

walking dead android game

Adapted from the popular American television series of the same name, games Android horror The Walking Dead tells the story of Lee a survivor between zombies who was looking for a girl named Clementine. Just like Lee, Clementine was also struggling to avoid the zombies ruthless.

Great visuals, quality graphic details, gripping audio, and an interesting storyline make games it’s really worth playing. It’s no wonder that since it was first released on the Playstore, The Walking Dead has become one of the gem most downloaded horror.

5. Never Sleep

never slept horror game android

Games Android horror This brand new one offers the scariest and best gut-testing experience. At the beginning of the game, you will be locked in a school full of monsters. The main goal, of course, is to save yourself and get out of the school which has 40 rooms and 4 floors.

Here strategy and hand dexterity will be tested. Throughout the game you are guaranteed not to feel bored because of the spooky display and the audio on the screen games This keeps the adrenaline going. Although it’s not too scary, but arcade games it’s enough recommended.

6. Eyes

eyes horror game android

Goal main games this is collecting valuables in a basement as much as possible. In order to achieve the goal, the player must kill the ghost that appears on the screen from time to time. This is why throughout the game we must be alert and look around.

As a sign of the appearance of a ghost, on the screen the player will see the word “RUN.” Apart from killing, the other thing to do is not to be killed by the ghost. So make sure we have the right strategy and hand dexterity so that the goal is achieved and stay alive until the end of the game.

7. Slenderman Hide and Seek

best horror games

One of games Android horror multiplayer it comes with a 3 vs 1 game mode. One player will play the role of Slenderman while the other 3 become school students who have to survive. To win the game, these three students must of course defeat Slenderman.

Meanwhile, the Slenderman character must capture all the students before his dolls are destroyed. This hide-and-seek between Slenderman and the students will certainly make the game feel exciting. Especially if we play with friends.

8. Limbo

game horror feel android

There is no color other than black and white when we play games this. Although it looks simple, the display is quite gripping because we feel like we are in another world. Limbo tells the story of a boy who is trying to find his sister.

Playing as the boy character we will not find zombies or ghosts here. In order to find his little brother, players must pass through various terrains and scary traps that will increase the adrenaline. Plus adequate audio support, the atmosphere throughout the game is enough to make goosebumps goosebumps.

No wonder it’s on Playstore rating Limbo is quite satisfactory, which is 4.8 out of 5. This proves that the right audio-visual mix will make you happy games even with the simplest appearance looks interesting and challenging to play until the end.

Well, that’s a review of some games Android horror spooky that can be played individually or with friends and relatives. Good luck.

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