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8 CODM Character Classes, Did You Know?

In the CODM game you must know the term multiplayer and battle royale. Both terms are game modes provided by CODM. When multiplayer use first person shooter (FPS), game mode battle royale use third person shooter (TPS).

On mode battle royale players are required to develop good tactics in order to survive until games ended, instead of trying to get kill as much as possible. Uniquely, in this game mode you will find 8 classes CODM character each with their own abilities.

Later you can use the character class to take cover or attack the enemy. Well, so that your chosen class doesn’t become boomerangfirst find out the abilities of the 8 types of classes CODM character the following.

how to get codm characters

1. Mechanic

The first class in the CODM game is Mechanic. Through class CODM character In this, players can see vehicle engineering to bomb traps. In this class, players will get abilities called Engineer and EMP Drone. What is the function like?

By activating Engineer, players will get information about the location of dangerous vehicles, equipment, and devices that are within a radius of 80 meters.

Meanwhile, the EMP Drone will help you distract your opponent by providing electromagnetic wave interference that can damage the enemy’s fighting equipment for a certain period of time.

2. Medic

If you decide to play as a group in the mode battle royale, the existence of this Medic character class is quite important. As class supportMedic can help you and your team when the situation is urgent.

This class has passive skills named Medic, its function is to reduce the time it takes to recover HP. When your team members or yourself experience knocked down, Medics can help do revive by 25%.

It doesn’t stop there, the Medic class also has a Medical Station that will issue drones and make the area around the player a recovery location after receiving enemy attacks.

3. Scouts

You could say class CODM character this one allows the player to be a good scout. The way it works is almost similar to the Mechanic class. The Scout class has an ability called Sensor Dart.

To activate Sensor Dart, players can shoot arrows in all directions until a radar appears on the mini folder. Furthermore, the radar will track the whereabouts of enemies within its range.

Apart from Sensor Darts, the Scout class has passive skills in the form of a Tracker which also functions to track the opponent’s whereabouts by showing the enemy’s footprints for a few seconds.

4. Ninja

In a state of urgency, running away from the enemy is a wise choice rather than forcing to fight. At times like this the existence of the Ninja character class is quite advantageous. How not, the Ninja class is able to provide passive skills in the form of Dead Silence which minimizes the sound that arises when moving or walking.

Another advantage this class will give is an ability called Grapple Hock. With this hook, you can easily climb buildings or tall buildings around you.

5. Defenders

Many say this class has skills like tank. The main role of the class CODM character Defender is to protect players from enemy attacks. Defenders have passive skills called Reinforce, which is the ability to reduce damage given by the enemy. Unfortunately that ability doesn’t protect players from damage produced by bullets.

On the other hand, the Defender class also prepares a Transform Shield which will unlock a large shield. This shield will later protect you from enemies by issuing flash bang to blind the opponent.

6. Clown

The name may sound unique, but the abilities produced by the Clown character class are effective against large numbers of enemies. Killing the opponent will be easy to do.

Clown has the ability to fire Toy Bombs. As a result, the bomb will release a swarm of zombies ready to attack the enemies around you.

In addition, this class has passive skills in the form of Anti-Zombi which can make zombie shipments from opponents more tame when in your area. This class is very useful for those of you who want to attack or protect themselves from enemy attacks.

7. Airborne

Similar to the Ninja class, the Airborne character class is quite advantageous when players need to quickly escape from their opponents. This is because Airborne has the Ejection Device ability to issue a slingshot that can launch a team into the air, then activate the Wingsuit to launch.

So that the performance of the Wingsuit is not too heavy, this class is also equipped with passive skills in the form of Lightweight which makes the body feel lighter when flying using a Wingsuit.

8. Trickster

Class character in CODM The last one is Trickster. With the help of this class, players can deceive and confuse enemies through the Psychosis ability. Psychosis will create a projection of the player’s self using shadows holographic as if you had 3 clones.

Another ability of the Trickster class is to make players have more sensitive hearing so they can hear the sound of enemy steps even if they are far from you.

Those are the 8 types of character classes that are in mode battle royale CODM. Ready to play battle royale in CODM? There are some tips that you need to pay attention to so that you can be the last person standing in the arena and come out a winner.

trickster cod mobile class

Battle royale does not provide an opportunity for players to do respawn many times, especially when playing solo. Once killed you will not come back to life. Therefore you must land in a safe place in order to have loot which is enough if you have to fight at the beginning of the game.

Don’t forget to use class CODM character in accordance with the gameplay and able to support role-mu during the game. Finally, be careful in choosing a shelter location (compound). Avoid choosing compound which is too open because the place is easy to attack.

Before hiding, you need to check the surrounding conditions compound clean so you are not too overwhelmed when you get an enemy attack.

Congratulations on practicing the method above, good luck!

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