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8 Best and Most Popular Simulation Games for PC, Must Try! – Tired of the same genre of games? Want to try something new and different? Then you are right at finding this article. GameZero will give you a game that is different from the others, namely a simulation game. Simulation according to the KBBI is a training method that demonstrates something in an artificial form that is similar to the real situation. So we play like real and detailed, Developers who develop not only Themed About Vehicles, Development, but also real-world simulations, and education. To know more about what’s up 8 the best and most popular simulation game for PC? Come on, see below!

1. Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Love Planes? Or Want to Try what it’s like to be a pilot? You certainly have to try this game made by Microsoft Game Studios. Because in Microsoft Flight Simulator X you will be amazed by the graphics, the planes and also the airport traffic, all of which look like real. Don’t worry if you are confused the first time you are in this game in Microsoft Flight Simulator X at the beginning you will of course be guided on how to fly and land a plane properly and correctly, from dragonflies, helicopters to Boeings. Experience the Best of Flying around the world with Microsoft Flight Simulator X! Eits, But before you play, let’s first check the minimum system specifications so that it can be played smoothly on your favorite PC.

Minimum System Specifications Flight Simulator X

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2. Euro Truck Simulator 2

If you think you really like trucks, then you should try this Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game made by SCS software. You will be spoiled with mountains, trees and cities along the way when delivering goods, sand, iron, wood, vehicles to heavy equipment using their Trucks and Trailers along European roads. Here you must be required to deliver the goods properly, If the delivery reaches the destination properly then you will be given a salary according to the distance of delivery of the goods and reputation, The further the journey the more coffers of money you can get. On the other hand, if you find that your truck and goods are damaged until the delivery exceeds the time limit, your salary will be reduced and your reputation will decrease. Come on, first check the minimum specifications when running the Euro Truck Simulator game on your favorite PC!

Minimum System Specifications for Euro Truck Simulator 2

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3. The Sims 4

Maybe you are not familiar with this game made by Maxis Software and EA (Electronic Arts), Yup! The Sims Series. The Sims 4 series is still themed about everyday life until died, But in this 4th series the developer presents more new features such as visuals and emotions that can change. The Sims 4 game released on beginning February 2, 2022 is now not only available for the PC platform but can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Mac OS.

Minimum System Specifications to run The Sims 4

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4. Farming Simulator 19

If you are bored with city views and want to be farmers and ranchers in the village, of course you can. Because the farming simulator 19 released by Giants Software in November 2022 offers good quality graphics and details. In addition you will become a Farmer who is assisted by a vehicle tool heavy and technology sophisticated and modern farming tools. Of course, apart from being a farmer, you also have to take care of your livestock. You have to grow crops and sell agricultural produce. Farming Simulator 19 Game Offers you an exciting and fun Farming experience.

Minimum System Specification

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5. Train Sim World 2022

If you are interested in the world of trains, then you really have to try Train Sim World 2022 which was developed and released by Dovetail Games. It offers its players the experience of being a machinist with a first person view, so you feel like you are in the game. You can see complete train cabins, open train doors, real-world routes, and even people on the train. Of course you don’t worry if you are confused when operating the train the first time, Train Sim World is also equipped with a Tutorial so that you will become an expert machinist.

Minimum System Specification

[table id=21 /]

6. Spintires

Want to feel the Off-Road experience in a simulation game? Of course you can’t miss Game Spintires which was developed by Oovee® Game Studios and released in 2022. In this game you will be given a mission in the form of running a truck with a trailer and cargo through muddy and bumpy roads. Of course you also have to pay attention to fuel and maintain the balance of the vehicle so that it is not damaged.

System Minimum specifications

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7. Cities Skyline

Having your own city and leading your own city is certainly not an impossible thing anymore, in the Cities Skyline Game this can be realized. This game developed by Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive has good and detailed graphic quality so you can feel at home in the game for a long time. With your creativity and imagination, you can build the city of your dreams that you want, which is equipped with facilities for city dwellers. But there are challenges too, you know, the happier the residents of your city, the better but on the contrary if the residents are not happy, there will be riots everywhere, besides that you will find challenges such as congestion problems in the city, education, health and others.

Minimum System Specification

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8. 911 Operators

Want to feel how the tasks of a 911 operator are quite challenging? In the 911 operator game developed by Polish Jutsu Games and released by Playway in 2022, you can try to become a 911 operator. Here you are challenged to become a 911 operator who
who must answer phone calls and dispatch police officers, paramedics, and firefighters to various emergencies. Quite exciting and Challenging is not it?

Minimum specification system

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Well that was 8 Best and Most Popular Simulation Games for PC. You just have to try which is the best simulation game that you like from the choices above, you can download the best and most popular simulation games above at Steam yes! Stay Tunes and Happy Gaming Guys!

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