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7 Valentine Promos For Gamers, Latest Game Promos

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For gamers, one way might be to take advantage of the various valentine promos that are currently available. So for those of you who are looking for the latest game promo on this special day, then you have come to the right place.

Here is a row of 7 game promos on Valentine’s Day that are special for you.

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To enjoy the various promos of this game, you can immediately top up your favorite game on UniPin.

1. GoPayCuan Promo, Game Top Up Using GoPay on UniPin

latest gopay game promo

Here are the details of the promo info.

  • Promo period: 11-18 February 2022 (10.00-23.59 WIB).
  • You can get 70% cashback with a maximum cashback of: IDR 10,000 for users who have never used GoPay on UniPin. IDR 7,500 for users who have used GoPay on UniPin.
  • 1x cashback transaction/GoPay account/period.
  • Promo is valid with a minimum transaction of IDR 20,000.
  • Promo is valid for UC Reload and Flash Top Up.
  • Promo for Gojek users registered before November 1, 2022.
  • Only valid for payments using GoPay at
  • Cashback will be received in a maximum of 2×24 hours.
  • Cashback promos cannot be combined with other promos.

How, interested? Let’s take advantage of this promo and top up UniPin using GoPay.

2. Ocean Rebellion Game Promo

For those of you who play the Ocean Rebellion game, there is a promo waiting for you this February. Here are the details of the promo.

  • Promo runs from 8-14 February 2022.
  • Event Only applies to payments via UniPin and applies to all UniPin payment channels except POTONG PULSA.
  • Prizes will be given to players according to the Top-Up rank during the event
  • Ocean Rebellion will announce the winner no later than 3×24 hours after the event ends
  • Prizes will be sent no later than 3×24 hours after the Ocean Rebellion team receives confirmation from the winners.
  • UniPin Credit will be given no later than 10×24 hours after the event ends.

You can see more details about the promo prizes here: Ocean Rebellion Top Up Promo Event.

3. FF Top Up Promo, Buy 1 Get 2 Free

top up promo ff

The Buy 1 Get 2 Free event is back. This time the main prize is Dynamic Duo M. This promo runs from 8-14 February 2022. Not only costumes, you also have the opportunity to win other attractive prizes such as: Weapon Loot Crate, vouchers, and other attractive prizes.

Here’s the full promo info.

  • Promo Period: 8 – 14 February 2022.
  • Login to your UniPin account and top up your Diamonds Free Fire using a UniPin Voucher that you can buy at the nearest Indomaret.
  • Minimum top up of Rp. 50,000 (355 Diamonds).
  • The first 200 users will get 30% cashback (max. Rp. 15,000) in the form of UniPin Credits every day.
  • Cashback will be sent to your UniPin account no later than 5 days after the event ends.

4. Mobile Legends Valentine Promo

MLBB Valentine's Promotion

For you MLBB gamers, there is also a special promo. Throughout 6-19 February 2022 there will be various series of Mobile Legends events. Some of them are as follows.

Log in on February 13th for a chance to draw FREE skins! You are guaranteed to get a Permanent Elite Skin in the first Draw from the Elite Box!

From February 14-20, get 30% discount on all Valentine Skins on Valentine’s Day Event! The Valentine skins that will be released are:

  • Valentine Special Skin – Carmilla and Cecilion.
  • Phantom Count – Cecilion.
  • Canon and Roses – Layla.
  • Dangerous Love – Lesley.

On February 19th, there will be a Gacha event to win Avatar Borders and permanent Spawn Effects. Then the Nostalgia event will be back on February 27, 2022 until March 15, 2022.

So make sure you don’t miss the various interesting events. For the purpose of buy MLBB diamondsyou can use the UniPin service.

5. Double Bonus Top Up UniPin Credits Using IM3

For Indosat/IM3 Ooredoo users, special promos are also waiting for you. The promo period runs from February 4 – March 5, 2022. What you need to do include the following.

  • Login to the UniPin website and top up your UniPin Credits using Indosat IM3 Ooredoo credit.
  • Promo is valid for a minimum top up of 40,000 UniPin Credits.
  • Each account has the opportunity to get a bonus of 5,000 UniPin Credits + 1 GB internet quota (active for 7 days).
  • 1 account will get a bonus of 5,000 UniPin Credits 1x per day which will be directly added to the UniPin account after a successful transaction.
  • 1 account will get a bonus of 1 GB internet quota 1x during the promo period which will be obtained no later than 7 working days after the promo period ends.

6. Jenius Pay Promo To Get Cashback

For you Jenius Pay users, you can also get cashback. The promo period runs from January 25, 2022 – March 1, 2022. IDR 200,000 cashback will be obtained after the user makes a purchase using Jenius Pay with min. 5x transactions with an accumulative nominal transaction of IDR 2,000,000. Promo is valid for purchasing Reload UC on UniPin.

More can be seen in this article: Jenius Pay Promo, Cashback Up to 200 thousand.

7. Point Blank Promo, Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day Special

In celebrating Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, Point Blank also held a special promo. The period lasts from February 8-15, 2022. There are various items that you can get at special prices. Some examples of items for example: Ball Bomb, Bundle Grenade, Medical Kit, Mask, and much more. Also included are a variety of weapons that are offered at deep discounts. Even up to 70%. This PB promo is called LOVELY IMLEK SALE UP TO 70%.

point blank promo

So, for Point Blank gamers, make sure to take advantage of this special promo. You can also top up PB cash using flash top up UniPin. Immediately fill in your PB cash and get attractive promos.

So, those are the latest game promo events in February 2022 that are ready to enliven your valentine. Let’s immediately use the special promos.

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