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7 Recommendations for Free Android VR Games that are Fun to Play

Games Android VR, which uses advanced technology, is able to provide a different experience when compared to Android VR games normal. You will find that games like this makes you feel as if you are diving directly into the world of the game. To play games VR technology by utilizing headset which can now be found in the market.

How to play games based on virtual reality on Android devices is also very flexible. You can choose to download games Android VR without controller or who use joystick. Interestingly, there are many options gamesgames fun that you can download for free, you know!

Want to know games What are the best Android VR that you can try? Here are 7 game choices that you can try.

1. Whispering Eons

android vr games with joystick

Whispering Eons is a VR based game designed for Google Cardboard users. Therefore, you can play it without the need for a controller. However, you can also think of Whispering Eons as games VR Android with joystick for a more enjoyable experience.

Games Whispering Eons not only provides an exciting adventure experience in the virtual world. You can explore Planet Gaea which has quite interesting graphics. In addition, you can also interact with each non-playable characters (NPCs). Because it uses VR technology, you will feel like you are interacting directly with them.

2. Voxel Fly

best android vr games

Next, there is a choice games The best Android VR that comes with a concept games arcade full of challenges through a game called Voxel Fly. In games In this case, you need to operate an airplane skillfully. Not only do you have to knock out enemies by shooting them, but you also have to avoid various kinds of obstacles.

Games Voxel Fly offers a very varied selection of game modes. You can try to play casually in Explorer mode which has a low speed. There are also other mode options such as Madness, Destroyer, Attacker, Cannoneer, Horizon, and Defender. Not only that, Voxel Fly is also 70 challenging missions that you can complete.

3. Minos Starfighter VR

android vr games without controller

You can also try the game games The next best Android VR through Minos Starfighter VR. Games This will take you on an adventure into outer space and explore it by boarding an advanced fighter plane. You not only get good graphics quality, but also combined with high quality sound.

When playing games Minos Starfighter VR, you will be placed in the cockpit of the plane and tasked with controlling it thoroughly. You can try playing Minos StarfightFer VR as games Android VR without controller or think of it as games VR Android with joystick.

If you play without controlleryou can take advantage of the eye view and the button on headset to aim and shoot the enemy. In addition to, games it also supports various types gamespad or joystick USB or Bluetooth based. You just have to choose the most suitable way to play.

4. Cartoon Village

android vr games

The next recommendation is games Android VR without controller entitled Cartoon Village. Games Cartoon Village does offer a simple way of playing. Here, you can explore the world of cardboard. Good graphic quality, will make playing experience games this feels good.

Games Cartoon Village only requires usage headset VR is as simple as Google Cardboard. Inside, you can try a variety of fun relaxing activities. You can try exploring a cartoon-style city, jogging, or interacting with NPCs.

There are some simple features that you can take advantage of while playing games Cartoon Village. Here, you can set the time settings. In addition, there is also a choice of seasons and the use of camera modes.

5. VR X-Racer

best vr games

Next, you can try games The VR Android racing theme is no less exciting, entitled VR X-Racer. In this game, you are tasked with being a racer who drives a sophisticated plane. You also need to drive a plane skillfully and avoid various obstacles.

Games This Android offers pretty good 3D graphics, and you can set it up in a wide selection of color themes. The developer also gives freedom for anyone to play games this. You can use it like games VR or play VR X-Racer without having to use headset VR.

6. InMind VR

joystick android vr games

Games advanced InMind VR provides a unique gaming experience. Games This will take you to a future world that has very advanced health technology. Here, you will find medical methods utilizing nanotechnology that can lead you to explore the patient’s body.

You will use prototype bathyscape which can be reduced on a micro scale to fit into the patient’s body. Furthermore, you can also venture into the human body tissue on a micro scale and look for the cause of the patient’s illness. Games you can play with various types headsetincluding Google Cardboard, Lakento, Archos, Durovis, View Master, Fibrum, and so on.

7. Hardcore

vr games with joystick

Recommendation games The last best Android VR is Hardcore. Hardcore is games 3rd shooter that you can play with various choices headset, including Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and so on. You can choose to play alone or with friends.

Games You can play Hardcore VR with various choices controller or joystick. You can take advantage of controller XBox, PS4, and so on. Just make sure to calibrate gamespads correctly. That way, you will not experience technical problems that can interfere with the fun of the game.

That’s recommendation 7 games The best Android VR that you can consider. To be able to gain experience playing games Satisfying VR, you don’t just have to prepare headset VR. However, you also have to make sure that smartphone used has been equipped with a gyroscope sensor.

Have fun and hopefully useful, yes!

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