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7 New Features of PUBG New State Patch May 2022 New Weapons

At the end of May 2022, PUBG New State updated to version 0.9.32. This time we will share 7 new features of the PUBG New State patch in May 2022 which contains new game modes to the presence of new weapons.

PUBG New State or which has now changed its name to New State Mobile is the latest battle royale game from PUBG published by Krafton. This game has a special feature on the theme that is raised, which is set in the future so that we can find various futuristic things in it.

This futuristic battle royale game has now passed its second season. One Season of New State Mobile will run for two months. Ahead of the change of season, this game will also update the version.

7 New Features of PUBG New State Patch May 2022, From Modes to New Weapons!

Ahead of the new season, PUBG New State updated the patch in May 2022 by presenting the following 7 new features.

1. New Game Mode: RDM

In this May 2022 patch update, PUBG New State presents a new game mode called RDM. Like the arena mode, the RDM mode will bring players into 4v4 battles.

Interestingly, the RDM mode displays the game on a special map, under a separate bridge. There is also a blue zone that surrounds the battle arena.

Unlike the TDM (Team Deathmatch) arena mode which tends to provide close-range combat, the RDM mode will provide medium-long range combat. Therefore, players use medium-long-range weapons in this arena such as snipers or DMR ( Designated Marksman Rifle).

2. Combat Level

Still features in the arena mode this time PUBG New State makes Deathmatch modes like TDM or RDM have levels.

The Combat Level feature allows players to level up in Deathmatch mode. With this feature, there are many advantages that players can get, including unlocking customizations that were originally locked.

3. New Weapon: M110A1

Furthermore, PUBG New State presents a new weapon, namely the M110A1. This is a DMR-type weapon that uses 7.62mm bullets.

Even though it uses 7.62mm bullets, this latest DMR has fairly stable recoil. The availability of this M110A1 weapon can be found in the loot area.

4. Carry. Features

The next new feature to arrive at PUBG New State in the May 2022 patch is the carry feature. This feature allows players to carry other players who are in a state of knock.

5. Visual Enhancement of Car Doors

Then there are visual enhancements to the car doors. This improvement allows the car door to open with a fairly smooth animation motion. This will make the  PUBG New State game even more realistic.

6. Season 3

As previously mentioned, the presence of an update patch indicates that PUBG New State will make a season change.

Now this time PUBG New State will enter a new season, namely Season 3. At the turn of this season there will be a  tier reset and start a new competitive season for players.

7. Survivor Pass Vol. 7

In addition to entering the third season, New State Mobile will also enter Survivor Pass Vol. 7. Of course, there will be many attractive prizes that will arrive in the latest Survivor Pass of  this futuristic battle royale game.

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