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7 Fun Android RPG Games to Play

Role Playing Game (RPG) is one kind of genre games which is popularly played today. In games In this case, players will play a character and follow the storyline that has been provided. Players are also involved in making decisions while completing missions.

The main strength of games RPG is storyline or the storyline. In addition to the main storyline, usually there are also many side mission which you can complete. This is what makes games RPGs seem more interesting and not boring.

Well, anything games Android RPG that you can try?

1. Ravensword Shadowlands

best offline rpg games

Ravensword Shadowlands is one of the games Very interesting RPG to play. Here, you can complete the main mission as well as the side missions provided, from fighting to building a house. There are two quest in Ravensword, that is major quest and secondary quests. You can play both.

To level up in this game, you are asked to play often. There are many choices of weapons to choose from to support you to win in battle. Tips for successfully defeating the enemy is to attack first.

From a visual point of view, games This Ravensword was extremely complex. With well-designed details, you will be able to enjoy the game more while completing missions.

2. Inflation RPG

android rpg games

Another Android RPG game that you can try is Inflation RPG. This game is very challenging because it offers a system leveling with many secrets, choices items, as well as the presence of monsters. You can use either hero to start playing. Unfortunately, the players don’t know the advantages of each hero at first because it will only be visible when it starts playing.

The battle will take place automatically when hero the one you choose starts running. Usually, the fight doesn’t last long, around a few seconds so it’s not boring. If you win the battle, you will be able to level up. To make the game even more exciting, it is also possible for players to buy equipment.

3. Evoland

android offline rpg games

This RPG game is quite unique. As the name suggests, Evoland is a game that encapsulates the evolution of video games, particularly the RPG genre. The development of video games from ancient times to being supported by modern technology inspired Shiro Games to create Evoland. This game was released commercially since 2022.

Like history lessons, you can see the development of video game technology here. Starting from a 2-bit graphic display that can only play a limited number of characters to stunning 3D graphics. The longer you play, the players will be treated to a variety of new features, ranging from sound effects and other abilities

4. Baldur’s Gate 2

best android rpg games

Even though it was released a long time ago, Baldur’s Gate 2 became one of the games The best Android RPG right now. In gamesyou can create any combination of characters party, exploration, dialogue options, and tactical battles selected at will. The choices made will affect the character’s journey in the game.

Because it was originally designed to be played on PC, Overhaul Games made an overhaul so that it can be played online mobile. There are adjustments so that the control system can be done with touch techniques. Thus, there is no need to hesitate to go on an adventure with the characters who are designed to have their own adventure.

5. Heavenstrike Rivals

best rpg games

Heavenstrike Rivals is one of the games RPG launched by Square Enix in collaboration with developer Mediatonic. This is a game that will allow players to fight in a battle.

Settings the location of the game is in the Land of Lunain. In the game, you take on the role of captain of the armed forces and must protect the land from monsters. Together with the units they have, players must set a strategy in order to block monsters in predetermined paths.

6. Cat Quest

android games rpg

Want to play games RPGs on Android? One of them is Cat Quest. Especially for fans games and cats, this game is worth a try. In Cat Quest, players will become a cat who will fight monsters in exciting adventures. Despite being in the form of a cat, the game’s characters can fight monsters with swords and magic.

The task of the player in the game Cat Quest is to save the cats. For that, you can ask for help from residents. Well, in order to defeat the monsters that get in the way of this mission, you have to practice a lot. Apart from that, there is a map in this game that you can explore. Complete missions and earn extra points.

7. Stand Alone

best rpg offline games

Stand Alone is action games with the RPG genre that can be played on Android phones. You just need to download it on the Play Store. If you’ve played Bloodborne, Dark Souls, and Demon Souls, playing Stand Alone won’t be difficult because the concepts are similar.

Games Android RPG offline fairly difficult and very challenging, but fun. You have to complete each level with a different level of difficulty. Well, for those of you who want to spend free time while practicing your game playing skills, just choose this.

8. Ethernium

android offline rpg games

Try it too games Quite a popular Eternium RPG. Games that can be run online offline This requires players to fight using certain characters. There are three options available, namely Warrior, Mage, and Bounty Hunter. Each has different advantages.

Warrior characters are suitable for those of you who like to fight at close range. His weapons are Sword and Shield. The opposite of Warrior, Bounty Hunter is more reliable at long range. Mage is a magician who has magical powers and can attack from a distance. Like RPG games, Eternium also offers an interesting storyline.

Here are some types games An Android RPG that can be played in your spare time. Choose games that best suits your character and get the challenge worth it. With an interesting storyline presented inside gamesyou will not be bored while playing.

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