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7 Best Roamer Heroes Right Now Games

Since the arrival of the latest patch, Hero roamers in Mobile Legends have more choices. There are tanks and support, even some fighters have specifications that are capable of being used as frontline troops. In the end, this will affect the gameplay of the game in the match.

there are seven of the most effective heroes that can be used as roamers at this time. After testing their abilities, it turns out that the chances of winning are greater than other heroes. Who are they?

Check out the current list of the best Mobile Legends Hero roamers:

1. Hilda

When the passive gets revamped, Hilda’s power is now getting annoying. He now has a stack that can be collected in one Hero. Later, when this stack is full, Hilda’s damage will eventually equal 40% of her opponent’s maximum HP and she will ignore 20% of their physical defense.

In addition, the skill to regenerate while in the bush makes him a roamer to watch out for. The problem is, Hilda’s job in this game is just to haunt the enemy jungler. when they are farming and are constantly being bullied by Hilda, it is guaranteed that their development will be hampered and in the end your team will be superior in getting gold and EXP.

From these specifications, Hilda’s build item finally becomes more varied. different in the end. You can use damage items at the beginning, then followed by defense items later. Even if you use full defense, it will not affect the strength level during the game. This is why Hilda is often banned in the draft pick phase.

2. Akai

Akai is also one of the heroes that caught the attention of players after being revamped. Akai’s crowd control skills are more than before. Even the revamp that Moonton did to Akai made his combo skills more diverse.

The reason Akai can return to hero meta is Hero is now he can more easily position himself when his ultimate skill is active. because previously even though the enemy had been hit, there was still a chance to escape.

Now it becomes more difficult as the intensity of the touch becomes more frequent. Once the enemy is caught on the wall, he can only surrender when attacked by the enemy.

3. Natalia

Although classified as an Assassin hero, it is possible to eliminate its effectiveness as a roamer. with the specifications that Natalia has, it’s a shame if she stays in one lane. Better to use it as a roamer for rotation throughout the map.

The ability to disappear is clearly a big threat to enemies who use thin heroes like marksman or mage. Unfortunately, many players use Battle Spell Execute, this can make the enemy nervous when Natalia disappears from the map.

4. Tigreal

This one hero has lasted a long time in the meta. Crowd control is often a threat to junglers who are farming. One push with the help of skill two, then the buff that was almost dead was finally reset. Then the duration of your opponent’s farming will be longer and eventually left behind by your team’s jungler.

Besides being annoying one on one, Tigreal is the most wary of team fights. montages often occur when real users can find the right momentum. This makes Tigreal a big threat to his rivals.

5. Angela

This tiny hero is known to like to make it difficult for teammates to die, because his ultimate can possess friends and can provide a large number of shield effects. In addition, Angela’s healing skill always saves her friends from dying.

No wonder in the professional arena like MPL Season 9, Angela is diligently used by popular roamers such as EVOS Rect or RRQ Vyn. Its capacity is absolutely necessary, since meta-healing has colored the Mobile Legends game.

6. Franco

In the past, this hero was always underestimated because most of Franco’s skills were single targets. But now Franco’s potential is bigger than just being a tank. His Hook skill can be a big threat to junglers.

Given that the roamer’s job at first was to disrupt the enemy’s growth and Franco became the most ideal hero

When you have the ultimate that has a surpress effect, nothing can escape its bite. It’s clear that Franco makes enemies lazy because of his aggressive gameplay

7. Estes

When it comes to Healing in Mobile Legends, Estes is the king! A very large regeneration skill and can even make HP back full when it’s dying.

Like Angela, this healing effect can be applied to teammates and even directly to anyone at the same time. When you are in a teamfight and the enemy uses Estes, the battle seems endless because the enemy’s HP can be refilled with one heal.

In addition to the healing effect, Estes is equipped with skill 2 which has a slow effect. In addition, the area is large enough to hit the enemy simultaneously. This is what often makes it difficult for the enemy to escape and in the end will only be able to give up if attacked repeatedly by teammates.

Now there’s no need to be confused about choosing a roamer hero in Mobile Legends, because there are so many choices and each has its own advantages. The seven lists above are the best because they have several advantages that can easily lead to victory.

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