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7 Best PS 2 Games For Nostalgia on Android/iPhone

There are many ways to do nostalgia. One of them is by playing the games that we often played when we were little. This time we will discuss the best PS 2 games that you can also play on Android/iOS devices. So, if you want to experience playing PS 2 games on your Android/iPhone, you don’t have to bother.

Interestingly, now there are many PS 2 games that have been presented in Android and iOS game formats. Not only re-presented, these games have also improved the visual quality. For example, if you play the GTA San Andreas game on iPhone/Android, you will get a better visual presentation than when you played on PS 2. Not only GTA, other games too. You can enjoy a better gaming experience on the Android and iOS devices that you use. Immediately, here are the 7 best PS 2 games that you can play back on your cellphone.

1. GTA San Andreas

The first, of course, is the GTA San Andreas game. Currently, GTA San Andreas is also available on iOS or Android platforms. The Android or iOS version of GTA San Andreas is the same as on PS 2. You can still feel all the excitement of the GTA game. Starting from driving a car, shooting at enemies, carrying out missions, and more.


To be able to play the GTA San Andreas game on Android/iOS, you can first buy it on the Play Store or App Store.

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2. Mortal Kombat

PS 2 players must be familiar with the Mortal Kombat game. This exciting and fun fighting game is a favorite when we play PS 2. Interestingly, Mortal Kombat is also available in the form of Android and iOS games. You can download directly through the Play Store or App Store. This game can be played for free.

Mortal Kombat

3. Bully

The name of another PS 2 game that is also popular and a favorite is the game Bully. This adventure game tells the story of a character named Jimmy Hopkins who enters a school. Where in the school there is a lot of bullying (bully). In this game, we will complete missions to build achievements/progress in the game story. Many interesting things we can do in this game. Just like GTA San Andreas, we can also buy this game on the Play Store or App Store.

4. Need for Speed

For those of you who like racing games, then you can play the Need for Speed ​​game again. This game is also available in Android game format that you can download from Google Play. Not only that, this game can also be played on iOS devices. You can download directly through the Play Store. By playing this game, you can relive the experience of playing Need for Speed ​​when you were on PS 2.

5. GTA Vice City

Another GTA game series that you can also play on your cellphone is GTA Vice City. You can also buy this game directly on the Play Store at a price of 81 thousand Rupiah. For those who like to play GTA games, they may also be interested in playing the Vice City game. The rating that this game gets on the Play Store is also quite high, which is 4.3.

6. GTA Liberty City

Another GTA game series that is also interesting to play is GTA Liberty City. Similar to the San Andreas series or GTA III, this game is also available on iOS/Android devices. You can buy it directly through the App Store or Google Play.

7. PES (eFootball) Mobile

When playing PS 2, one of the games that is very popular and always played is the PES game. Especially for football fans, it feels like it’s an obligation to play PS games. Now we can also play PES in the form of a mobile game. Especially through the game PES (eFootball) Mobile.

PES Mobile

In the PES Mobile game, we can choose a team for us to play. There are various game modes that can be played in PES Mobile. Starting from mode events, where we will face the computer to compete. When we win the game we will get various prizes/rewards. Then there is also a mode where we can compete directly with other players online.

For PES fans, you can also play PES Mobile games. Don’t forget to learn and use various best tips for playing PES Mobile so that you can continue to win.

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